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Widgetkit 1.0 Released

Including new memberships and a free version.

Widgetkit 1.0 Released

Today we are very proud to release Widgetkit 1.0, finally! We kept Widgetkit in BETA status for a long time now. This was because we wanted to wait till our website relaunch to provide a great Widgetkit product site with examples and a comprehensive documentation.

And here we go! Visit the Widgetkit product pages:

Free Version

Yes, that's right! There is a free Widgetkit version. It includes the following widgets: Lightbox, Spotlight, Twitter, Media Player and Slideshow. But only the default style is available in the Slideshow widget.

New Widgetkit Memberships

To get the full Widgetkit including all Slideshow styles, the Gallery, the Slideset, the Map and the Accordion widget, we introduce two new independent Widgetkit memberships:

  • Standard: 6 months support and updates for 29€
  • Developer: 12 months support and updates for 49€

The Widgetkit memberships also include both: Widgetkit for Joomla and for WordPress.

Theme Memberships

Nothing changed here! Widgetkit is included in all our theme memberships :-) So if you have an active membership you get Widgetkit for the system you are using (Joomla or WordPress). Have fun!

Whats new since the latest BETA?

We added a bunch of awesome features with the latest Widgetkit version:

  • Lazy Loading for images!
  • Ken Burns Effect (Very smooth)
  • New Slideset drops effect
  • Update Notifications
  • Support to load Joomla articles
  • Restart autoplay after 30sec
  • New Slideset style for the Gallery

And of course we also fixed all known bugs.

Take Widgetkit for a spin and give us some feedback :-)

By Sascha | | Posted in Widgetkit

Comments (38)

  • maxita


    | Profile |
    Yootheme for ever! Just the best!
  • realpoor


    | Profile |
    Woot!, Thanks YooTeam!
  • witsoart


    | Profile |
    Are there documentation about how to load joomla articles in widgetkit?
  • bart.jan


    | Profile |
    let me grab my wallet to update all the templates we installed that had the beta version baked in ;-) Glad to see it stable and officially supported.
    • bart.jan


      | Profile |
      Nice I just noticed that actually
      "Widgetkit is included in all our theme memberships :-)"
      • mark.scott.10


        | Profile |
        but not in our Zoo memberships, AFAIK
        • kopacko


          | Profile |
          If widgekit is in the template membership...the ZOO should be as well, right?
          • sascha


            | Profile |
            It is not included in the ZOO memberships. All features to make Widgetkit work with ZOO are included in the free Widgetkit version.
      • steve.overton


        | Profile |
        I have a theme membership and do not have access but to the free Widgetkit. Am I suppose to have access to the full Widgetkit?
        • harrison.kohn


          | Profile |
          Nor do I. I really wanna know before i go and buy a membership thats all.
  • prffrost


    | Profile |
    thx....Yoo Rox
  • mac.worasi


    | Profile |
    Was looking forward to this day!
  • victorhtorres


    | Profile |
    Thank you. Maybe in the future integrate some options what had in the Yootools :)
  • david.carroll


    | Profile |
    Congrats guys!!! I know you've been working on this for a long while. Glad to see it out of Beta!
  • biplaza


    | Profile |
    Hopefully this version will solve the problems with sideshow disappearing erratically. Thanks, I'm going to give it a try.
  • maverpix


    | Profile |
    Well done YOOtheme,congrats :)
  • bigfrontdoor


    | Profile |
    It's a resally terrific component, we are using it on all of our new websites and happy to pay for it. Well done !
  • jake.record


    | Profile |
    Thank you for this...It would be nice if you re-released yoologin for widget kit. The current Joomla 1.7 login module isnt very customizable.
  • zach


    | Profile |
    Glad to finally see this baby breath the "stable" air! Congrats guys/gals!
  • sven.maxheim.83


    | Profile |
    i must say bugs in IE !!
  • bonaventura.pizzoferro


    | Profile |
    I have a developer joomla licence.
    The license to widget kit is included?
  • emad.e.naguib


    | Profile |
    i was waiting for this , wawww , glad to see it stable.
  • stat.marine.stat.marine


    | Profile |
    I've posted a thread on the support forum on the subject, it would be so nice to include the YooToolTip script to this package. I used it a lot on Joomla 1.5 sites, and can not upgrade to 1.7 /Widgetkit merely because of that. Can developers team take this query into consideration? Thanks a lots in advance!!!
  • danny.b


    | Profile |
    great work yootheme!
  • stefan.kunz


    | Profile |
    Simply the best tool for Joomla! Thanks a lot, yootheme
  • brian.ibok.8


    | Profile |
    'Support to load Joomla articles' This is amazing news!!! Thank Yoo!!
  • alpinevp


    | Profile |
    Do we have to purchase the Widgetkit membership if we already have a Joomla and Wordpress membership in order to be able to have full widget functionality and options?
  • yannis


    | Profile |
    congrats guys!!!:))
  • paul.flynn


    | Profile |
    Can someone tell me if the video and media links are obfuscated by widgetkit to not allow downloading of my media?
  • nikishna


    | Profile |
    Where can we check out a demo of the new Ken Burns and Slideset drop effects?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      We are working on a demo. Should be ready soon...
  • alexander.hauf


    | Profile |
    Very Nice...
  • christian.lesage


    | Profile |
    I cant download the wordpress standard version of Widgetkit after i brought the package where is the link to download ?

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