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Space 2 Icon Set

Today we released our second icon set for April 2012

Space 2 Icon Set

As promised here comes our second part of our space icon series! Now the Space Crew is complete with a witty robot in three different mood versions, the green twin of the protozoa alien, a satellite, a planet and a flying saucer. So what are you waiting for - with this team you are ready to travel to infinity and beyond! This makes 7 icons altogether. All icons come in 32-bit transparency PNG file format and in 8 different standard sizes, ranging from 16x16 to 512x512 pixels. It makes a total of 56 additional handcrafted icons which are of course optimized for each specific size.

Take a look at the new space icons and join the icon club!

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By Sascha | | Posted in Icons

Comments (3)

  • steven.weijdt


    | Profile |
    Very good quality and I know for sure that ZOOlanders will be very happy with the space rocket and shuttles ;)
    But I don't think a lot of us can use it. It's art, I need icons.
    Still keep up the good work (Y) p.s. more e-commerce icons
    • nepol


      | Profile |
      Agreed, I'd like icons like the ones they use on their "Themes", "Widgekit" and "ZOO" pages
  • christopher.acevedo


    | Profile |
    How come you guys didn't do a Satellite icon. That would have been perfect.

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