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Goodbye Joomla 1.5 and IE7

We will drop Joomla 1.5 as well as IE7 support for upcoming theme releases on July 1st 2012


Joomla 1.5 reached its offical end-of-life in April 2012. Most theme and extension developers already dropped Joomla 1.5 support and we also think it is time to say good bye. This is why we will stop developing templates for Joomla 1.5. The next June template will be the last template available for Joomla 1.5. The same goes for Widgetkit and ZOO.

Internet Explorer 7 was originally released in 2006 and does not support the latest web standards and technologies compared to modern browsers which offer a rich support for HTML5 and CSS3. Its market share fell under 3% worldwide this month and many companies like Google or Open Source CMS like Drupal dropped IE7 support for their upcoming releases. So we also decided to discontinue IE7 browser support for our themes and extensions from July 1st 2012 on.

This step allows us to focus on modern web technologies for our next major Warp framework release coming in July! We are very excited about it. More news coming soon!

By Sascha | | Posted in Warp

Comments (16)

  • ryan.jones


    | Profile |
    Hopefully this means responsive themes...
  • saitarion


    | Profile |
    Good riddance to IE7. I hope it burns along with IE6.
  • george.anderson


    | Profile |
    Great news!
  • ivo.schmid


    | Profile |
    Why not dropping IE totally?

    Happy to hear about this, betting on responsive themes as well!
  • ivo.schmid


    | Profile |
    Oh, no...
    above statement should read:
    [sarcasm]Why not dropping IE totally?[/sarcasm]

    Lost the brackets on the way!
  • karaokeamerica


    | Profile |
    Will security/bug updates still be maintained for the J.5 templates?
  • damir


    | Profile |
    Great News, Will the new Framework be GPL / Free
  • doogledesign


    | Profile |
    When is the end of the life cycle for IE?
  • prffrost


    | Profile |
    what is IE
  • magicspon


    | Profile |
    Ace, ruddy wish the whole world worked like this... but I think I'll approach the new framework/templates with caution. There is little else worse than sitting down with a client on there computer and launching the website in IE7.

    is there no way you can gracefully degrade to accommodate ie7..

    and.. surely responsive themes are at the top of the list...

    nice one yoo!
    much love x
  • ben.allan


    | Profile |
    Can't we just end IE all together??!!! ;) Haha
  • stefano.gargiulo


    | Profile |
    Very good! We have to start explaing our clients that a website is a software, and like all software you can ask some basic system requirements: a decent browser! No one want to use Photoshop with MS-DOS.... so why someone need to use an HTML5 site with IE
  • chepeau.corentin


    | Profile |
    Good news ! ;-)
  • david.henry


    | Profile |
    crap, I still have clients on IE6...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
    • eric.brissette.83


      | Profile |
      Hey, you can still use Warp to build table-based layouts, if it's important to your clients that you support ancient browsers. (lol)
    • jake.record


      | Profile |
      its time to have a talk with them.

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