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Tasty Theme

September 2012 YOOtheme club theme

Tasty Theme

Take a bite of our delicious new theme Tasty! Thanks to its extremely versatile design, Tasty is not just a great choice for caterers or restaurant and food shop owners, but for anybody seeking a fresh and clean looking theme.

Our new club theme comes packed with great features. First of all, there’s the unique parallax scroll effect that offers you a cool new way of presenting the teaser images in your header or other horizontally centered module positions. Secondly, we’ve added bonus styles for the Gallery and Slideshow widgets to perfectly match the theme and enhanced them with the new "scale" effect from our latest Widgetkit version. And as a little extra treat, Tasty also features a matching icon set with customizable icons for gastronomy as well as social networks.

But this theme has even more delicacies to offer. You get to choose from an extensive range of 8 style variations, 8 colors, 9 backgrounds and 15 fonts. In addition to this, we have provided 5 different wrapper styles, thus offering you even more combination possibilities for giving your website a truly unique look.

Of course, Tasty is also fully responsive and utilizes the latest features of our fast and slick Warp theme framework. Here’s an overview on all the great features of Tasty:

  • Available for Joomla and WordPress
  • Provides a fully responsive layout
  • Choose from 8 colors, 9 backgrounds and 15 fonts
  • 3 module styles, combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
  • Smooth CSS parallax scroll effect for your teaser pictures
  • Flexible theme and column widths
  • All Warp framework features are available

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By Steffan | | Posted in Themes

Comments (37)

  • jakob.gede


    | Profile |
    This theme is delicious!
  • ieqshop


    | Profile |
    Homepage index image leading to this page is wrong.
    It leads customers to Sphere Theme, not this Tasty Theme.

    Tasty Theme have a bad experience in Google Chrome
    (IE and Firefox is OK). The whole page always flashes from time to time. Bad experience! I think it may be resulted from the Slideshow Inside Widgetkit with Scale effect.

    I have tested the new effects for the Slideshow and Gallery widgets: Rotate and Scale. They have bugs (I believe) and always reduce the theme experience.

    Anyway, Tasty Theme is a great theme!
  • steffan


    | Profile |
    @ieqshop: The Slideshow issue you mentioned only happens when the effect is used inside a iframe in webkit browsers. We look into a workaround for this.

    The module Positions Chrome Bug was fixed with Warp 6.2.5, please update your theme to this version.
  • brokie


    | Profile |
    Verry nice theme. Looking fresh and lite. Cheers!
  • joel


    | Profile |
    Feels like its missing a finishing touche. All the same simple is the new smart. Will the scale effect be added to the widgetkit any time soon?
  • maxita


    | Profile |
    I like the style, would be usefull for my company website, but i have to change alot of stuff for use it as corporate pourpose.

    Just a BIG question: whats the Parallax Scroll?!? Because i don't understand what it is... i can see a static image with no particular fuctions... someone can explain to me please?
    • yannis


      | Profile |
      @maxita if you scroll down slowly you are gonna see the text going away and a movement at the image
  • maxita


    | Profile |
    yes you are right! Thanks alot and nice effect, it work if i put a widjetkit slideshow too? or just with static images?
  • lucio.dattaro


    | Profile |
    Very cool. I like different backgrounds, module variations (different module backgrounds), typography settings, beautiful social icons... thank yoo guys!
  • george.anderson


    | Profile |
    I like this one - Thanks!
  • francis.roger


    | Profile |
    Nice!..but I want more design like Shelf, Vannilla...

    a fullscreen slideshow like adidas.ca would be nice....nah?
  • nandor.katai


    | Profile |
    Its nice, but almost too simple, not much to work with. Most of you other themes before the all responsive ones are so much more rich.
    Thanks anyways.
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Yes, we also need some simple and elegant themes in our portfolio ;-) But sure, we are also working on new ones with "richer graphics"...
  • nepol


    | Profile |
    Simple but very nice
  • viktor.horst


    | Profile |
    A bit to simple for my taste. It's missing a finishing touche and it lacks detail what I'm used to from Yootheme.
  • george.anderson


    | Profile |
    It is a very, very simple design. I'm not sure a lot of effort has been put into this one.
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Even simpler and plainer themes need a lot of work. We always put a lot of effort in each of our themes.
  • joomgirl


    | Profile |
    Not liking it at all. Looks too plain and unfinished. Has that cookie cutter feel to it!

    Maybe update the look, colors and add some better looking features and style.

    However I still love Yootheme but not this theme.
  • joso


    | Profile |
    Good work, I like it for my blog... thanks Yootheme.
  • aksel


    | Profile |
    Joining the "bit-too-simple-for-my-taste" wagon on this one...

    More of the nice Yootheme-details please :)
  • corwin


    | Profile |
    Please make responsive theme a'la Revista.
  • paulo.geraldo


    | Profile |
    Revista Nueva is my favourite theme. Please make it responsive.
  • jared.clement


    | Profile |
    Very nice theme, I really like the clean and simple design. ;O)

    * YOOtheme Team, I have a question; I really love the "Parallax Effect" in this theme and I've recently been reading about this new CSS effect and wanting to add it to my companies Nano 2 site I am currently designing in MovAMP. Is there anyway someone on your team can email me through my account email and either send me a module, or instructions how to add the parallax effect to my Nano 2 by copying the CSS code from the New Tasty Demo Package?

    Kind regards,

  • panagiotis.apostolides


    | Profile |
    I to think that is "bit-too-simple-for-my-taste"

    it remind me of the free templates everyone gives away...
  • nils.neumann


    | Profile |
    this is great... not "too simple" at all, i.m.h.o. - Aren't we all bored of shadowy-3D-transitions, grayish backgrounds that always look a bit dirty (and are difficult to read), space stuffed with too many little icons/ line/ drawings.... This here looks fresh, clean, friendly and uncluttered. And, to be honest - most of the "nice rich details" Yootheme provides in some templates often have to go when the theme is adapted to some CI... No, I really like this one... More of this!
  • giuseppe.puleo


    | Profile |
    Where can I find an image file with the positions of the modules??
  • george.anderson


    | Profile |
    sphere template\images\yootheme\features_module_positions.png
  • wesley.dowdell


    | Profile |
    I agree with most others on this one, a bit simple and plain if you ask me. Not my cup of tea, looks alot like free themes you can get, not the usual standard from YooTheme in my eyes.

    Well done for the effort and work gone into it though.
  • mrmarkos


    | Profile |
    Will the next template will also be for Joomla 3.0?
  • richyboy


    | Profile |
    Hey when are the next template coming - I cant't wait!!!!!

  • marat.kinyabulatov


    | Profile |
    Hi, I've downloaded the Tasty theme and I can't see any PSD/Fireworks files at all. I wanted to customize the looks a bit, to adjust the wireframes to my need.

    WordPress pack
  • eric.claver.akaffou


    | Profile |
    Hi, how can I make the parallax box responsive for iPhone ? Thank you
  • daniel.garrow


    | Profile |
    We have been using Yootheme exclusively for almost 2 years now. As always, the CSS is easy to edit, browser compatibility is excellent, and there is almost no variance in the css or design between browsers. This theme is yet another excellent example of Yoothemes commitment to quality, and dedication to developers. You can view an example of what we have done with this theme here, which was created for a window and door replacement company in Chicago. http://www.woodlandwindows.com/

    Proof that you can take a Yootheme template in any direction you want. Great work people! Keep it up, and we will keep our subscription as we have for many years.
  • joshua.hardwick


    | Profile |
    Can you use the uikit with this theme?

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