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Buildings Icon Set

Today we released our icon set for February 2013

Buildings Icon Set

Hey guys! I'm one of the newer people here at YOOtheme and still kind of learning, how things are done. It probably always looks like we just pop out new releases like that, but I was actually really impressed with how much effort and attention to detail is put into everything we do. So after three weeks, I just finished my first ever icon, hurraayy!

We decided to make a set of buildings icons, as these would work really well for any e-commerce or business site. The first step is to gather some thoughts and ideas. What do we want to include? What is important to us for this particular icon set? Then we start by making first sketches. Everyone has their own approach to this. I myself always need paper and a pencil to capture my ideas. As we were several people working on this set, it was important to maintain a consistent style for all the icons. Then we would merge the best concepts into a final sketch as a blueprint for the vector illustration.

And finally the vectorizing starts. From the beginning onwards, every pixel needs to be in place, always keeping in mind that the icons will eventually need to be scaled down to 8 different sizes and remain pixel perfect. So basically, it's all about even numbers that can be divided into more even numbers. It kind of made me feel like a pixel architect. Also the colors are a crucial point and it takes some tweaking to get the look and feel we're going for, while making the individual icon work for itself and within the set. Sometimes we realize that an icon just doesn't work in a certain way, so we have to discard it and start all over again.

Scribble of the Buildings Icon Set

Finally, when we are happy with the overall outcome, the scaling begins. This part – and there is no better term for it – means pushing pixels until everything is in place and looks perfect. That can take up to a couple of days.

And here it is, tadaaa! We are proud to present our buildings icons set! It includes a factory, where not only products are made but ideas are shaped, a warehouse, filled with parcels waiting to be shipped all over the world and a cute store, where your customers can buy your items.

So, have fun building these icons into your designs. We'll start browsing for new ideas.

Take a look at the new buildings icons and join the icon club!

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By Franziska | | Posted in Icons

Comments (8)

  • kelly.mcclain


    | Profile |
  • ryan.jones


    | Profile |
    These are nice, keep them coming.
  • jacob.rossen


    | Profile |
    Very impressive. Love the fact that you share the workflow with us.
  • checkfinland


    | Profile |
    Good work. I'm still hoping to see Fruit and Veggies and other food related icon sets.
  • jules.kozak


    | Profile |
    Any idea when a new icons set is coming out?
  • henning.bokelmann


    | Profile |
    ... wonder when we get new icons guys?
    The quality is impressive. I just used them and the client is really excited about the result.
  • henning.bokelmann


    | Profile |
    hmmm ... are you at least working on new icons?
    I was under the impression that you would icons every 2 or 3 months?
    Now we have almost november?
  • chander.ramnarain


    | Profile |
    Was going to sub for the icons but the last icon set was in Feb-2013 and paying that much for icon sets that are not being released is not what I am looking for.

    Shame as the ones that are available are of high quality.

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