UIkit – A lightweight and modular front-end framework

UIkit – A lightweight and modular front-end framework

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Today we are happy and proud to present our new family member: say hello to UIkit! After months of developing and testing we are ready to introduce this lightweight and modular front-end framework. UIkit powers the Warp 7 framework and all our new themes starting with Nano3. Check out the features..

  • Modular and extendable components
  • Consistent and conflict-free naming conventions
  • Responsive and mobile-first
  • Developed in LESS
  • Extendable with themes
  • 2 themes to get you started
  • Real-time customizer
  • Responsive, fluid and nestable grid
  • Off-canvas navigations
  • Navs, dropdowns, modals, buttons and much much more
  • Supports RTL out of the box
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • And much more...

And the best thing about it? UIkit is completely MIT licensed, meaning that you can use it free for all your personal or commercial projects, without any restrictions. It's hosted on GitHub and open for everyone to contribute.

UIkit Website

UIkit themes

We put our 6 years of experience in building Joomla and WordPress themes into UIkit. One of the main goals was to make UIkit themeable and easy to customize. This is the most interesting part about UIkit and makes it a great choice for Joomla and WordPress theme developers.

By using LESS variables and mixins, we separated the core framework from the styling. It comes only with a very basic style which can be completely controlled using LESS variables. This is what makes UIkit so small and lightweight. But the best part is that UIkit can be extended with themes without creating any bloated code. Themes can easily be updated and customized. On top of that, you can create your own unique style in just one file.

What's next?

In the next days, we will publish a series of blog posts providing you with more details about UIkit. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the UIkit website, give us some feedback! You are welcome to participate in the development or help with the documentation.

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