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UIkit 3 Beta released

It's all reworked, shiny and new

UIkit 3 released

Since our introduction of UIkit in 2013, it has become one of the most used front-end frameworks that power the modern web. With all the lessons we have learned during that release, we have continuously improved UIkit. After pretty much exactly one year of work and more than 1600 commits, we are taking the next big step today. We are releasing UIkit 3, the newest generation of our framework, which has been completely rethought and rebuilt.

While still being labeled as beta, UIkit 3 is really mature. The complete YOOtheme Pro product, including its theme and all of our websites from the past three months have been built with the new version of the framework. We have also taken the time to write an extensive documentation for every single component. The docs come with many examples that can be copy-pasted right into your own project.

UIkit 3 features all the things its predecessor is loved for: Modular components, conflict-free class names, customizable LESS sources, interactive JavaScript components, an easy to use theming system and responsiveness from the ground up.

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Announcing UIkit 3

Beta phase coming soon

Announcing UIkit 3

We're very proud to announce the next big leap for our beloved front-end framework: UIkit 3! The development started 8 months ago in January and since then we are working continuously on it. It's a complete overhaul of the entire framework. Compared to UIkit 2, where we've added more and more features with the later releases, the focus of UIkit 3 is on rewriting and optimizing the code base. UIkit 3 will be smarter, faster, leaner and even more powerful.

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Recap 2015

Check out last year's projects and highlights

Recap 2015 - Check out lasts year projects and highlights

2015 has been filled with great moments and exciting projects. The beginning of a new year is always a good opportunity to look back and see what has happened. We would also like to take the opportunity and look ahead to see what our plans are for the upcoming months.

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UIkit 2.25 released

New Grid Parallax component

UIkit 2.25 released

UIkit's first release in 2016 comes with a nice new component: the Grid Parallax. But before we look at this new component, we want to express our appreciation for all contributors of UIkit. More than 6000 stargazers on GitHub is a number that gives a glimpse at your enormous support. Thanks to everyone for giving feedback and suggestions on how to enhance UIkit.

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UIkit 2.22 released

New video tutorial section

UIkit 2.22 released

It’s been a while, but after some time of tweaking and bug fixing we are happy to finally present the new version of UIkit! The latest release of our front-end framework comes with a number improvements and minor bug fixes as well as a new video tutorial section.

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JoomlaDay Germany 2015

We'll give three workshops and are silver sponsor!

We give three workshops and are silver sponsor

We are happy to welcome the Joomla community back in Hamburg in September for this year's Joomla Day Germany. The last time we all came together in this beautiful city was in 2011, which is obviously way too long. The conference bids with a promising program featuring great speakers. We're proud to join the lineup and to support the event as silver sponsor.

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UIkit 2.17 released

New Thumbnav component and some refactoring

UIkit 2.17 released

UIkit is back with a new release and this is a good one. With spring almost in sight we reckoned it was time for a little cleanup. So apart from the new Thumbnav component, we focused on some rearrangements and additional features. We want to give you an overview of the major changes and advise you on how these will affect your projects and what you need to keep in mind when updating.

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Recap 2014

A year with YOOtheme

Recap 2014 - One year with YOOtheme

2014 has come to an end. As always that makes us think about moments that filled our year. Let's take a look back but also a look into the future to see what's on the agenda for 2015.

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