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Joomla World Conference

Our team is going to the JWC 2013 in Boston

Our team is going to the Joomla World Conference 2013 in Boston!

The Joomla World Conference 2013 will be held in Boston from 8th to 10th November. Like the beneficiaries of one of the world's finest educational institution, we will amble along the paths of the Harvard University Campus. Because that's where it's taking place. How cool is that! And we are also giving away free memberships!

Win a membership and catch the team in Boston

We toss out 10 Joomla Developer memberships for free. All you have to do, is send us a picture taken during your journey to Boston that shows your anticipation for YOOtheme. Be creative! Here are some examples: Take your coffee mug and scribble "I love YOO" on it or put on your YOO shirt and take an enthusiastic photo at the airport or paint a picture and so on. We put no limit to your creativity! Here is one example and here another one we did.

Email us the pic of your trip with YOO to info@yootheme.com and we will pick the lucky winners as soon as we get back from our trip to Boston.

We are excited to see you all soon. It is another amazing opportunity to meet up and to have a drink and a talk. Make sure to follow us on Twitter. We will keep you up-to-date during the conference with pictures and tweets. We're going to have a great time!

Update: Take a look at the competition winners and read the JWC review.

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  • jakexo


    | Profile |
    Whoo Hoo - see yoo in Bahstun!
  • cabinetstore


    | Profile |
    Best wishes to yoo
  • triangle


    | Profile |
    it was great meeting all of you! Never thought i'd get the chance to buy some of you a drink, talk yoo, and even learn some german (still don't know what you had me saying, Pawel).

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