JoomlaDay Germany 2015 –  Review and Presentations

JoomlaDay Germany 2015 – Review and Presentations

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After 4 years the Joomla community finally gathered in our hometown Hamburg again! Last week we came together at Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld, a local harness racing track, for JoomlaDay Germany and to celebrate the 10th birthday of Joomla! This event is always a great opportunity to meet friends, exchange knowledge and to sit down for some interesting talks. To us this was a particularly exciting as we not only got in touch with users and answered their questions in our tech corner.

We also had the chance to give talks of our own. If you couldn't make it to JoomlaDay or our talks, don't worry! All three sessions on UIkit, Warp and Widgetkit, which were held in German, have been recorded and uploaded to the JandBeyond YouTube channel.

JoomlaDay Germany 2015 Impressions

UIkit, the modular front-end framework

Our first talk about UIkit was held by our web developers Artur Heinze and Florian Letsch. They got into the basics of our front-end framework and demonstrated simple examples of how to create your own websites and interfaces with UIkit components.

Warp 7, the perfect basis for theme development

Our web designers Anne Möller and Franziska Schulz talked about our framework and explained how you can optimize your workflow with Warp. They presented some of its many features and took a look into Warp's upcoming generation.

Widgetkit 2, the widget creator

Web designer Danny Knaack and web developer Hendrik Behnke gave an overview of how to use the new structure of Widgetkit 2 to integrate content with a Joomla based website.

After every talk we had some time to answer questions and to discuss a few things. If you still have questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.


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