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Recap 2014

A year with YOOtheme

Recap 2014 - One year with YOOtheme

2014 has come to an end. As always that makes us think about moments that filled our year. Let's take a look back but also a look into the future to see what's on the agenda for 2015.

New Office

The biggest change for YOOtheme happened in April 2014. With a growing team of 15 staff members and new exciting projects like our own Pagekit CMS, the office space was getting more and more crowded. Finally, after 5 productive years, we decided to leave the office at Kampnagel and look for a new one. In April we moved to a gorgeous office in Hamburg’s HafenCity district - one of the largest urban development projects in the world. We planned the new office from scratch and it's a pleasure working here! See first pictures to get an impression on Officelovin’s blog.

Welcome Miljan

In October a well-known face from the YOOtheme and Joomla community joined our team in Hamburg City: Miljan from ZOOlanders! He is one of the minds behind ZOOlanders and has been working with ZOO and YOOtheme products since the beginning. Now, he has followed his passion and moved to Hamburg to work with us on new exciting projects. But don't worry about all the ZOOlander extensions, Miljan keeps managing and maintaining ZOOlanders just as before.

Our new baby: Pagekit!

Our first priority in 2015 is to make Pagekit ready for end users. The feedback we've received at the SymfonyLive conferences in London and Berlin was overwhelming and it really pushes us forward. We are now working on the biggest release blocker for a new Pagekit version: the Tree Page View. It is a different approach from the one Joomla and Wordpress are taking for the pages and menu structure. The new interface will show a hierarchical view of all the site's pages and allow to edit, add and order them via drag and drop. Read more about that on GitHub.

So far we are on a good way to a Beta release in Spring 2015. We will present Pagekit on several conferences this year and would love to meet you there for a chat and to hear your feedback.

Talks and fun

In September the JoomlaDay Germany took place in Cologne. We felt very honored to attend it and to give two workshops about Warp and UIkit. We enjoyed meeting old friends and be part of the Joomla community! Read our review here. In October the whole team went to Amsterdam to attend Fronteers, a conference for front-end developers. What a great conference and wonderful city, definitely both worth a visit and inspiring to us.

Our themes in 2014

Our themes in 2014

What can be expected in 2015?

The year started with the next generation of our very popular Widgetkit extension: Widgetkit 2! Check out our Introduction to Widgetkit 2 to get to know all the cool new stuff. We are now working on additional, fancy JavaScript widgets for UIkit which will of course make it into Widgetkit 2. Stay tuned!

In 2015 there will be a new Warp version! We have lots of great ideas for Warp 8 so expect the best Warp ever ;-) The release is scheduled for summer and of course it will support Pagekit. What feature requests and wishes do you have for Warp 8? Please let us know in the comments.

We are also hiring! Currently we are looking for designers and web developers. If you are interested in working with us, just send us your application.

Last but not least, many thanks to our community for your support! We wouldn’t have achieved all this without you - Thank you!

Your YOOtheme Team

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Comments (21)

  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    Warp 8 request:

    Retain the "styles" overriding structure with custom.css etc.

    It makes it extremely easy for sitebuilders and devs to make quick edits to any CSS on the site, even component based CSS... which is extremely useful! :)
  • zrenjaninac


    | Profile |
    I would love to see Visual Composer Page builder type of a plugin for UIkit.
  • lucas


    | Profile |
    The Office is amazing :D

    and Pagekit will be great CMS
  • oguz.copel


    | Profile |
    2014 was a good year. What i expect in 2015 is next:

    Warp 8: Loving W7, hopelly W8 will me more easy and more options.

    Widgetkit: Loving the new Widgetkit 2. But it can be lot more easy. I don't think my customers understand it like it is now. The Widgetkit 1 is easier (if you know that you need to copy the widgetkit id to the article etc.).

    Zoo: Im really happy Zoolanders is now working together with Yootheme. He is a really good one. I hope to see lot more of Zoo. Like an imigration of Zoolanders in the standart version of Zoo of YT. You can do a lot more with Zoo like Zoolanders did. So in the future Zoo will be nr. 1 webshop tool. It is easier then Virtuemart but less options.

    Hope to see updates soon.
  • jgowans


    | Profile |
    I'm really happy for yoor growth (pun intended) and am looking forward to the continued progress. I had hoped to start a wish list in 2014 but of course didn't, so here's what I'd like to see (since you asked):

    > eliminate warp versions and allow for seamless, continuous upgrades. Version breaks with dramatically new features and changes make upgrading clients a pain. Most designers have relationships with clients, so it's nice to gradually evolve templates as opposed to have to reintroduce a new template and new framework every year or two. I still have clients on Warp 6, for example.

    > better support, documentation and tutorials. What you put together with your products is quite nice, but also can be quite complex for 'power users' (i.e. not developers). I often will install demo content just to dig into what you've done. Why not create specific tutorials and samples?

    I'll stop there. Those are my big ones. I'd pay more if both of these were implemented.

    • gilles.janin


      | Profile |
      Exactly what most users think.
      You are doing a good job, but please guys, think that migrating sites over different version of Wrap can be quite tedious (even for developers).
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      You have seamless, continuous upgrades within each Warp version. For major versions like upgrading from Warp 6 to Warp 7 it is a lot harder. Because in a major version update we change the API, the markup and its CSS, add new features and remove old stuff. We are working on making it more smoother but something will always break.

      We think there may also be a misunderstanding: You don't have to update from Warp 6 to Warp 7. There is absolutely no need to do so. Warp 6 works great, is secure and maintained. If you want to update to Warp 7 it is because you want to use new features like LESS or the customizer but from the client perspective there is no need to update.
  • bruce.wilson


    | Profile |
    Great products and have been using them for at least five years. I'm envious of the new office, we are getting a little cramped ourselves.

    My wish list is more documentation and continued updates to the documentation as your products evolve. Along with some more extensive tutorials.

    Second item is better online support. Even if there was a two step subscription like some companies have where you pay extra for quicker response times and a more dedicated support.
  • queburrera


    | Profile |
    I cannot believe that YooTheme has been around for about 8 years and has become one of the lead developers for Joomla and WP in the whole world. Congrats!!

    Zoo is one of the best programs that I have seen out there for the past 5 years. However, I cannot explain why YooTheme has NOT created an eCommerce solution for such a great software. Why????
    When is it that YooTheme will create an eCommerce solution for Zoo?

    I have tested several 3rd party solutions, but none of them are great, some of them are good but I don't trust them. A ZooStore will be the best solution to take Zoo to another level. Even RT has created a basic eCommerce solution for them, but YooTheme in 5 years . . . nothing!!! =(

    Thank you for your art, innovation and awesome templates.

    YooTheme team, wish you the best in this 2015!!!
    Keep listening your clients and you will keep succeeding.
      • queburrera


        | Profile |
        Zoolanders' products are great and customer service is faster than YT. I'm not saying that Zoolanders is not a solution. I'm asking a solution from YT.

        Think about it, using Zoolanders it might be a conflict of interest in the near future because since someone from Zoolanders is already working for YT then YT will NOT have any incentive to create an eCommerce solution. In the contrary, YT will prefer not to do any eCommerce solution because will like to help Zoolanders to keep selling his main feature: ZooCart.

        I don't want to ask for support to two different companies when having eCommerce issues. I just want a simple eCommerce from one company: YooTheme!! =)
        • ray.lawlor


          | Profile |
          If you look at it another way...

          Since Miljan is now with YooTheme, and Miljan is one of the main architects of ZOOCart... then you can pretty much consider ZOOCart to be a pseudo-yootheme component...! :)

          That's how I'm seeing it anyway! :)
  • redzero


    | Profile |
    You guys are the best. My web design company is growing in my town and we now use strictly YOO themes, extensions, etc. on everything. It keeps everything we do tight, leagues above the competition and always working smoothly. I can't thank you enough for your truly extraordinary line of products. I ran into YOO when I was just learning 5 years ago and deciding to put the time into learning how to use your stuff has been the best decision I've made. And that's GREAT about the addition of Miljan!
  • eclecticgal


    I am new to YooTheme and love the design and technology. But, support is severely lacking and documentation is scarce. In order to be able to rely on YT in future, support definitely needs to be provided as advertised. I still have a critical issue which has gone unanswered for over a week, preventing my launch.
  • renata.gravendijk


    | Profile |
    I really am a fan of yours! You develop a lot of goed stuff. But as allready mentioned above: i miss a lot of goed tutorials.

    Also the following: your templates are beautifull, but sometimes you forget the main goal: get visitors and keep visitors.

    F.a: known is that visitors do not like to scroll. The latest templates of yours force visitors to scroll a lot due to the big header space. The result could be that visitors leave the website.

    What i miss lately is the functionallity of the template. To much accent on " beautifull" to little accent on the functionallity

    Pls take in consideration that there are Some rules to attract visitors and to keep them there...
    I do understand that the content itself is very important, but the first impression is the most important!

    I am duch so my englisch is not good, but i hope you understand what i Mean.
    Kind regards
  • bdthemes


    | Profile |
    Waiting for Warp 8 :)

    Features Request:

    1. Better layout management, not only stack/first double
    1.1 drag drop module width resize
    1.2 section background/video adding option
    1.3 faster customizer capabilities.
    1.4 media select option for customizer/template admin, for example: select image for body/top-a/top-b etc.
    2. Better module organization
    2.1 please use joomla default module option, for example: class/icon/badge option add in module option page not in template admin page so we don't need go template admin for add them. maybe it's a challenge for you.
    2.2 default module chrome layout changing option workable.
    3. Add mega menu
    3.1 add mega menu option with easy handle
    3.2 it's better if you add uikit all dropdown feature in mega menu for example: justify, center, inverse etc option.
    3.3 another challenge, it's also better if it's possible control those option from menu manager not from template admin for faster handle and manage.

    4. GPL license from first release
    4.1 we are very happy if it's possible to release the master theme on first release not bound in only nano4.

    I just share some idea from my small brain, although you are boss of joomla and wordpress. and many many thanks for Warp, UIkit, PageKit and all of your extensions :)
  • bdthemes


    | Profile |
    any news about warp 8?
  • novacreatif


    | Profile |
    1. Make uploading font more easier (just upload or put @font-face in CSS).
  • kyrre.amundsen


    | Profile |
    Hi, any updates on Warp8? Can we expect this to be released on 2016?

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