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Finch Theme – November 2015 YOOtheme club theme

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Adventurers, globetrotters, and outdoor friends, check out Finch, our November 2015 release. This sophisticated theme provides tons of custom options and additional features to make browsing through your website a true experience. Its rich, textured widescreen layout makes it perfect for any kind of travel blog or magazine.

Custom Widgets

Finch comes with our own content builder Widgetkit 2, including three exclusive new custom widgets. The Popover widget allows you to position items through coordinates on top of a main image, which is chosen through the widget settings. Content will be displayed inside a dropdown triggered by each item. The custom Slider provides a special layout, placing the item's title outside the overlay and the custom Slideshow couples the navigation to its content.

Custom Widgets

Special Features

With Finch we allow you to say goodbye to simplistic, flat designs and bring graphical richness and depth back into your layouts. You can add background images or textures to each module position. Even border images will be added to your textured blocks. Widgets/modules have additional options, like opacity and alignment. And as a neat little feature, you can add background textures to your text elements. Just add the .tm-text-clip class and a background image via inline style to the element.


What else

This theme includes 6 dark, light and colored styles. An additional Socialbar position lets you toggle social icons through a button that sticks to the side of the browser window. And of course, the adaptive navbar provides different sticky and transparency options. You can see all these features and more on a number of custom pages we’ve created to help you as a starting point for your own layouts.


  • Custom Popover, Slider and Slideshow widgets
  • Block appearance options, like background, texture and padding
  • Opacity and alignment options for widgets/modules
  • Clipped background images on text
  • Optionally sticky and transparent navbar
  • Demo pages built with Widgetkit 2
  • Full UIkit components styling
  • 6 pre-built style variations
  • Easy customizer and LESS integration
  • WooCommerce support

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