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Morgan Consulting Theme

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Morgan Consulting Website for YOOtheme Pro

This September we are getting down to business with Morgan Consulting, our latest theme release. This template comes with a wrapped layout and a straight and tidy design. Its 11 pages are custom made to fit consulting, finance, legal or any kind of business websites. Morgan Consulting comes with the latest features of YOOtheme Pro and UIkit.

Morgan Consulting Style

This theme’s style reflects simple professionalism. Muted colors, subtle box shadows and clean typography allow your visitors to focus on your content. The wrapped page has been given a border that adds elegance to the theme’s look and reoccurs as spacing between images and sections throughout all pages. The deep, vivid blue and contrasting beige add color to the otherwise clean and monochrome style.


Six new styles

Apart from the default style, Morgan Consulting features five more lovingly created color variations. All of these are available in the Style Library and can be applied to this or any other YOOtheme Pro website.

Wrapped layout

For the first time since the release of YOOtheme Pro we are using a wrapped layout. You can center the page or align it to the left. Add vertical padding to create the impression that the page is floating. All this is perfect to present content that is heavy on typography. Of course, you can also switch to a classical full width layout. The pages of Morgan Consulting will still work and look great.

Wrapped Layouts

Custom Icons

Morgan Consulting features 6 specially made icons that represent consulting, legal or similar services. Each was carefully crafted and can be used freely. For an example, take a look at the Services page.


Layouts & Topic

This theme comes with no less than 11 individual page layouts that cover the needs of business websites. The Home page introduces our company Morgan Consulting, gives a quick overview of their services and previews information from the other pages. The Services page goes into detail on the kinds of services offered and provides form downloads, an FAQ as well as contact information. The sub pages Tax Planning, Legal Advisory and Financial Services contain details, graphs, download tables and more about the respective services offered. Projects opens with a video background header and features a portfolio of cases in an original grid layout. It leads to the case study CWE Group that focuses on a particular project. Visitors can get to know the enterprise, employees and their clients on the Company page. You can find the vita of a single partner on the Peter Watson page. For a nice display of job offerings, check out the Careers page. Lastly, the Contact page provides contact information, a Google map and a newsletter form.

Free quality stock photos

Our new theme comes with 58 lovingly curated and free-to-use images and even two background videos. The gallery below shows you a few examples of what to expect in this month‘s package:

58 lovingly curated and free-to-use images

So, enjoy creating your next website with our Morgan Consulting theme and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Beautiful Morgan Consulting style
  • 11 page layouts
  • Great for business websites
  • Business and Consulting topic
  • 58 lovingly curated and free-to-use images and 2 videos
  • All these features are available in YOOtheme Pro

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo Try Morgan Consulting Layouts

By Sergej and Ozair | | Posted in Themes

Comments (17)

  • getyoowoo


    | Profile |
    Probably not our Market but I've seen lots of requests for this style so well done YOOtheme.

    Will this come with a YOOtheme Pro minor/major update as well?

  • maxip4


    | Profile |
    Some interesting idea but it's already seen... I look forward to the form element!!! Any idea to availability?
  • richard.dolby.26


    | Profile |
    Would be nice to see a Yootheme pro magazine layout, I find it that you can use it for a wider spread of content.
  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    I really love this corporate style! Congrats!

    A lot of our clients need solid information driven layouts, rather than works-of-art! So this theme is spot on! :)

    I will be creating the Projects Layout ( https://demo.yootheme.com/themes/joomla/2017/morgan-consulting/index.php/projects) for ZOO in the next day or so and posting it here here for free:


    So keep your eyes peeled! :)
    • ray.lawlor


      | Profile |
      I've added the Morgan Consulting Projects layouts to the FREE ZOO app here:


      Let me know what you think! :)
      • jakob.gede


        | Profile |
        Very nice Ray!
        • ray.lawlor


          | Profile |
          Many thanks...

          I'm planning to make a view for every Yootheme Pro template... but only when I get time. Not every layout lends itself to ZOO Content Management but there seems to be one layout in each template that has "List >> Single"...

          I'll try to do each of these when I get time. Also trying to keep them free too! :)
  • roryliu


    | Profile |
    Nice theme especially for business. When can we expect to see a theme with the builder module/widget feature being used? Some of us still haven't grasped the concept.
  • martinahovi


    | Profile |
    Congrats ... this is something I have been waiting for :-)
  • david.dahl


    | Profile |
    I was so hoping for the Slideshow element. Hopefully it will be released before next month's theme.
  • dennisffm


    | Profile |
    We love to see more multipurpose themes like this one for using them for the average business client, thanks.
  • joshgilson


    | Profile |
    I agree with everyone's statements above, great theme, give us more business style themes and please let slideshows be the next feature release.
  • schmallegger


    | Profile |
    right direction.. on this one i am just too stupid to find the "Terms of Use" and "elements" position...
  • matthew.wheatley.7


    | Profile |
    there seems to be an sql error with the wp demo install. opted for previous months theme instead and worked fine.

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