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Today we are excited to present Matthew Taylor – our new theme for YOOtheme Pro. Eye-catching background origami images and casual emoticons give it a fresh, modern look. With its clean style, bold headlines and table layouts, Matthew Taylor is perfect for a personal website for a developer, speaker or a book author. Check it out yourself.

Matthew Taylor Style

Matthew Taylor has a clean, minimal style which contrasts with striking colors. Slightly rounded corners and bold Sans Serif typography complete the look and make it a perfect fit for personal websites where the main focus is on content.


Style Variations

Matthew Taylor comes with 6 different styles. There are 5 white styles and 1 dark one, so choose the one that works best for you.

Default Style
White-Green Style
White-Pink Style
White-Purple Style
White-Red Style
Dark-Yellow Style

Background Images

The highlight of Matthew Taylor theme is a fancy background image which resembles a handmade origami. It is slightly animated and fades in color giving the website a fresh, intriguing look with a high recognition value.


Layouts & Topic

Matthew Taylor is a personal website with 5 different table layouts. The Home page presents our developer, his skills and interests. Projects and Writing pages are both portfolio pages used for work presentation. There is also a schedule layout Speaking. Here you will find information about events, podcasts and videos. And finally, there is an About page which is a typical CV with a photo, education, experience and awards. As you can see, Matthew Taylor has everything you need for a self presentation website.

Home Layout
Projects Layout
Writing Layout
Speaking Layout
About Layout


Every page of our new theme makes use of emoticons which adds flavor to the site and gives it a modern and personal look.


Free Quality Stock Images

Matthew Taylor comes with 21 lovingly curated and free-to-use images. Take a look at some of them below. These images can be found in the Matthew Taylor collection in the Unsplash library.

21 lovingly curated and free-to-use images

Now go ahead and explore our Matthew Taylor theme. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • 5 page layouts
  • 6 beautiful styles
  • 21 lovingly curated and free-to-use images
  • Perfect for personal, self-presentation websites
  • All these features are available in YOOtheme Pro


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