JoomlaDay DACH 2022 Review – Watch All YOOtheme Pro Talks

What a great event! After so many years, we were finally able to attend JoomlaDay live. Our whole team joined Joomla fans from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland in Bad Hersfeld (Germany) to share experiences, learn something new and have fun. YOOtheme also got to be a silver sponsor again, and we had an opportunity to give a talk about YOOtheme Pro. But we were not the only ones... This was a very productive and fun weekend where we got to meet old friends and make new ones. If you could not make it to this year's JoomlaDay DACH, don't worry, you can see all YOOtheme Pro presentations below.

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YOOtheme Pro Talks

This year there were three different presentations about YOOtheme Pro. From our team, Hanna gave a talk on YOOtheme Pro 3.0 and its latest features where she showed the new mega menu builder, the parallax effects and the image update as well as some hidden features of YOOtheme Pro. Mind that all presentations are in German, but you can enable English subtitles. Just click the YouTube video settings Settings -> Subtitles, and chose Auto-translate.

But there were two more YOOtheme Pro talks. On the first day of the conference, we attended a workshop on YOOtheme Pro by Dirk Heuser with lots of feedback by the community.

And the next day Ufuk Avcu and Stefan Wendhausen presented their client projects in a more hands-on approach showing how they use YOOtheme Pro in action.

It was really amazing to hear so much about YOOtheme Pro in different talks and to see it being used by so many people.

J!Otto Awards

It is already a tradition that at the end of the JoomlaDay conference there is an announcement of winners of J!Otto awards. Every year Joomla freelancers and agencies can submit their websites and compete for this Community Award. This time we were especially proud that all three winners are also recommended YOOtheme experts listed on our Experts page. So if you want to join them on our page, submit your company by sending us an email with your best client work.

Check out the winner websites:

Community Feedback

What we loved most was the direct feedback and discussions with the community. From the first day, so many of you approached us to share your thoughts, ideas and questions. The feedback from people who use YOOtheme Pro on a daily basis gave us a different perspective. It was so motivating that already on the ride back home we started discussing what suggestions we can implement right away. So you can look forward to some nice unplanned features in the next YOOtheme Pro 3.1 update.

Joomla, Friends and Fun

We also want to say a huge "Thank You" to the organizers. We really had a lot of fun among all the other Joomla users. If you could not attend the JoomlaDay and missed your chance to ask questions or give feedback, feel free to comment below. We can't wait for the next JoomlaDay and hope to see you there next year.


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