ZOO 2.0 final arrived – Get a sneak peek in our video tour

ZOO 2.0 final arrived – Get a sneak peek in our video tour

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The wait is over... We are really excited to announce that ZOO 2.0 is FINAL. Today we release the new version of ZOO 2.0 and as promised everybody can download ZOO for free. Since the BETA release we have made quite a few changes and fixed all known bugs. You can find more in information in the changelog file of the download package.

Download ZOO 2.0 for free now!

As we announced in our blog about the new app bundle ZOO 2.0 will come with two, free preinstalled apps: the pages and the blog app. Both are ready to use after the installation of the ZOO 2.0. All types, elements and layouts of the apps are predefined you can start using them right away. No configuring needed. Besides the ZOO component itself a item, tag and comment module as well as a search plugin are bundled in the download package. They allow a seamless integration into Joomla and provide a richer tool set to create your website. Go and grab your own copy of ZOO 2.0 and take it for a spin.

App for every Purpose!

Additionally, we launch our new exclusive app bundle for ZOO 2.0 today. All current ZOO Pro customers will get this app bundle for free. You can purchase the app bundle on the new ZOO website. Head over and take a look at the feature descriptions and demos of all the new apps.

New Website and Documentation

We relaunched the whole content of the ZOO website. Everything is now up-to-date. You find there the new video tour through ZOO 2.0, new screenshots, a description of all powerful key features, detail information about the content builder and demonstration sites of all apps. Another highlight is the brand new documentation site for ZOO 2.0. We created a lot of tutorials to get you started and how you set up your whole website with ZOO. For developers, we offer a comprehensive documentation about how to create your own app, template, layouts, types and many more. Take a look at the documentation!


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