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On Monday 31st of May we attended the JandBeyond conference in Wiesbaden/Germany


First of all we want to thank the organizers of the JandBeyond conference for this great event and the whole on-site organization. Robert, Alex and the whole team did a great job! We had the chance to present two sessions about our templates and the new ZOO 2.0. For those of you who did not have the chance to see the presentations live, we recorded both of them on video and are proud to show you the result in this blog post. So lean back and enjoy the show!

YOOtheme templates - An inside look!

In our first presentation, Sven one of our lead designers took a closer look at the design process and the magic behind YOOtheme templates. He gave an insight of what makes a template a good tempate and what we do to achieve this. He also explained how easy it is to customize images of the templates using Fireworks. Watch the presentation:

YOOtheme templates - An inside look!

ZOO 2.0 in Action!

The second presentation by ZOO developer Jan and support team member Malte showed the ZOO 2.0 in action, and described what benefits you'll gain by using it. The visitors got an insight look of content building and templating and followed a live demonstration of building a blog with the ZOO in five minutes. Watch the presentation:

ZOO 2.0 in Action!

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