New ZOO template – ZOO 2.0.3 with the new Sans template

New ZOO template – ZOO 2.0.3 with the new Sans template

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Today we released a new minor ZOO version 2.0.3. In addition to the bugfixes we updated our blog app and added an additional template called "Sans". The new template is based on the default blog template and besides some small improvements it uses a sans-serif typeface for the headlines. We created this template to make our blog app fit a wider range of websites that use a sans-serif typeface. So with this new template you can easily change the style of your blog, without changing any of the css styles. Read more about the other improvements and update ZOO today.

Further Updates and Changes

With the new release, we also got rid of a few bugs and introduced some changes. Here is a not complete list of bugfixes and changes to the ZOO 2.0.3

  • + added new sans template to blog app
  • + added "above title" media alignment option to the default template of the blog app
  • + added k2 version 2.3 import support
  • + added requirements check button to administration
  • ^ general performance upgrade
  • # all template positions are now being saved on type slug rename and copy
  • # fixed bug where an items tag would show, even though the publishing date was in the future
  • # fixed bug where .flv movies would only play if set to autoplay
  • # fixed some HTML markup validation errors
  • # replaced deprecated ereg function from googlemaps helper
  • # fixed bug with tags view and pagination
  • # fixed bug where Joomlas email cloaking plugin would introduce a leading space to the email address
  • # fixed bug with chinese characters in slug
  • # removed unused helpers/menu.php file (caused problems with Advanced Module Manager)
  • ^ changed "READ MORE" to "READ_MORE" in all language files
  • - removed needless $params in teaser layout (only documentation app)
  • ^ changed how layouts are called in the item template
  • ^ removed article separator if article is last in all templates of the blog app (CSS)
  • ^ changed padding for last elements in text areas (CSS)
  • ^ moved comment rendering from layouts to item view (all apps)

Download ZOO and the new template today.


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