19 Themes for WordPress – Our theme collection has grown

19 Themes for WordPress – Our theme collection has grown

Since our WordPress club launch back in October we are now happy to feature 19 WordPress themes! All of our designs from Phoenix in June '09 to the latest design Spark in January '11 are now available as WordPress themes.

All themes are cutting-edge and built with our latest powerful Warp 5.5 theme framework. We made sure all themes have the features you have come to love from our Joomla! templates. For example, we've integrated all theme settings like style presets, custom fonts, CSS/JS minification and update notifications.

Specially the powerful menu and widget systems will enhance your WordPress website. The dropdown menu items can be setup with different widths and number of columns. Further you can choose from various styles for the different sidebars which are displaying your widgets. Also, you can easily manage whether to display a sidebar on a particular page or section of your WordPress website. We think this core feature gives you even more control to lay out your website to create individual looking pages. By the way all themes come with an ajax search as a core feature. Isn´t this great?

Theme Installation Package

During the conversion of the Joomla! templates to WordPress themes we had several milestones but one major goal: that the functionality and the variety of layouts provided by the YOOtheme designs will be preserved in all our themes for WordPress.

We put a lot of effort to re-create the theme demo showcase we have for our Joomla! templates and build it for WordPress. We are glad to say that each theme demo looks nearly identical to the Joomla! counterpart as you can see for yourself on our demo site.

We also provide installation packages for all WordPress themes, so you can set up the theme like we did on our demo site. This means you can simply install WordPress including the theme and its demo content in only a few minutes. This will get you started as quickly as possible with our WordPress themes.

Are you curious? Just try a YOOtheme WordPress theme!


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