WordPress club launch – Bringing YOOtheme to WordPress

WordPress club launch – Bringing YOOtheme to WordPress

WordPress is a kick-ass blog tool and publishing platform and we were constantly being asked if we ever release our YOOtheme templates for WordPress... And today we are happy to announce the addition of WordPress themes to our template design collection. WordPress is the most popular open source blogging tool on the web and is being used by millions of people everyday. WordPress has evolved from a blogging solution to a nice and easy to use content management system. With the latest major version 3.0 some cool new API features were introduced including the Custom Menus.

A WordPress website offers a great solution for various purposes and can even be extended with thousands of available plugins. Because of it's simplicity WordPress is sometimes just what you need instead of using a more complex content management system like Joomla! or Drupal. Now with our collection of WordPress themes you can use YOOtheme designs on your WordPress website!

Warp 5.5 Engage!

All our WordPress themes are powered by the same Warp 5.5 framework which we are using for our Joomla! templates. Over the last months we developed a WordPress adapter for the Warp 5.5 framework. In this process we put a lot of effort into bringing all the features to this new platform and we really happy having a complete port of all Warp framework features especially the menu and module system. This brings some never seen before features to WordPress! We also apply the same quality standards we have for our Joomla! templates which means all WordPress themes are optimized using only the necessary code or markup needed and they comply 100% with modern web standards.

Theme Options

Theme Options

Taking a look behind the scenes into the WordPress admin section. All theme settings are designed to fully integrate into the overall WordPress look and feel. It's simple, clean and productive.

After activating your YOOtheme WordPress theme a new admin menu item is added for the theme. Just click on it and you will get to the "Theme Options" page. At first glance you see all the general theme options and a right sidebar which displays all the information about the current theme and framework versions. In the general options section you can edit all kinds of features like a preset styles, theme width or the compression level used for your Stylesheets and Javascripts. Also you can use multiple columns to display your articles on the frontpage.

If you want to do even more customizations, you can clicked on the "Advanced" section which controls the theme layout options like column widths and spaces. At last we also integrated the "Verify Files" feature which has been introduced with latest Warp Framework update. Click on this section and you will get a quick overview of all files which have been modified or deleted in the theme. We also added the "Update notifications" which automatically notify you when a new theme update is available.

Menu System

We are very proud of the Warp menu system which is fully available in our WordPress themes. This means that everything you know from our Joomla templates is working also in WordPress like our multi-column drop down menu, the sub menu and even all the fancy menu effects.

You can set an image for each menu item, the width and number of drop down columns and sub titles using a double pipe.

Module System

Module System

The whole module system is ported to WordPress as well, also by adding a completely new feature which was not available before. Now you can define whether to display or hide widgets on particular sections of your site or a individual page. For example you can show a specific widget on the frontpage and hide it for the archive or show it only on your about page. Isn't this awesome?

Further we added widget style options, so now you can easily change the overall widget style, icon or badge.

HTML Markup

With our Air template we introduced new Joomla overrides for Warp. Of course the HTML output we created for our WordPress themes is very similar to our Joomla overrides. To be honest, the HTML markup is the same! This means all the CSS for our WordPress themes is nearly the same as for our Joomla templates. This makes our WordPress themes look exactly the same like our Joomla templates and CSS customizations are a breeze.

Ajax Search

We improved the default WordPress search widget with Ajax powered real time search results. So while typing your search query a result list will be displayed to you instantly right beneath the search field. To improve the usability of the new search box we've added keyboard support. You can now navigate through the search results using the Up and Down keys and hit Enter to get to the page. The search HTML markup is very lightweight and we make use of a lot of CSS3.

WordPress Club

We are really happy to bring our designs to WordPress with our new WordPress theme club. The new club will work exactly like our Joomla template club offering memberships types like Silver, Gold and Platinum. The sign up pricing will be also like our Joomla club starting at just 39€ for the Silver membership with one theme license for one website. You can find a overview of all memberships on our WordPress club sign up page. All our Joomla club members can join the WordPress theme club with a 20% discount off the regular price, just login to your account and select the WordPress club membership of your choice.

WordPress Themes

For the start we offer our latest 5 themes for Wordpress. These 5 themes are packed with all the great Warp 5.5 features! In the upcoming weeks we will also update our Wordpress theme portfolio by making also all the 22 themes based on Warp 5.5 available. Not so bad for the start, eh? So if you are already into WordPress or just getting started make sure to check out our growing theme collection on our demo showcase. The documentation site will also be updated for WordPress in the coming weeks.


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