Getting started with Warp – A step-by-step tutorial in German

Getting started with Warp – A step-by-step tutorial in German

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With the release of the responsive Warp 6.2 version back in June we have taken a major step forward in the development of our popular theme framework. As the community of developers and designers who use Warp for their own custom templates keeps growing and growing, we are now proud to present you a new and comprehensive tutorial Getting started with Warp in German language!

About Our Guest Author

Very special thanks go to our guest author Tom Bohacek who has provided us with this great tutorial and invested a considerable amount of time in the project. Being a web designer and co-founder of the Berlin online agency B01, Tom draws on many years of experience in developing framework-based themes and has now chosen Warp as the ideal foundation for creating his own themes and products for Joomla.

About The Tutorial

The tutorial is a nice and easy step-by-step guide for all who would like to use Warp to design their own custom themes. This makes it a great starting point not only for beginners in Joomla template development, but for anyone considering giving Warp a try.

At present, the tutorial is unfortunately only available in its original German version. But we are already working on an English "Getting started with Warp" tutorial. In the meantime, we would like to encourage the German-speaking among you to take the tutorial for a test drive – go ahead and discover the easiness of theme development with Warp!

Update: To all of you who don't want to wait for the English version of our tutorial, please consider the built-in translation tool in Google Chrome for now.


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