Joomla 3.0 ready! – Latest 19 themes, Widgetkit and ZOO

Joomla 3.0 ready! – Latest 19 themes, Widgetkit and ZOO

Two weeks ago, on 27 September 2012, Joomla 3.0 was released. It's the next major version of the Joomla CMS and comes with some great features we are really excited about. Finally, Joomla ships with jQuery included, now that's pure awesomeness! We've been following the development closely and in the last couple of weeks worked on the integration of our themes and extensions.

Today we are glad to announce that Warp 6, Widgetkit and ZOO are Joomla 3.0 ready! Thanks to our Warp framework this means our 19 latest themes are immediately available for Joomla 3.0. The same goes for our popular Joomla extensions: Widgetkit 1.3 and ZOO 3.0! The Warp UI fits nicely in the Joomla administration. The release of Joomla 3.0 has also officially ended the Joomla 1.5 support. So we've dropped support for Joomla 1.5 in the latest Widgetkit 1.3 and ZOO 3.0 accordingly.

Everyone who wants to try out our Joomla 3.0 themes today, just grab a copy of Joomla 3.0 and head over to our Warp themes, Widgetkit or ZOO downloads. Enjoy!

Should I use Joomla 3.0?

Joomla 3.0 is a Short Term Release, and it is only recommended for more experienced users and developers. Joomla 2.5 is still the recommended version for most users. It focuses on stability and will be supported into 2014. Read more about it in the official Joomla 3.0 news or FAQs.

What about demo packages for Joomla 3.0?

You can easily update Joomla 2.5 demo installation packages to Joomla 3.0. Just go to the Joomla update component in the Joomla configuration. Click on "Options" and set the "Update server" to "Short Term Support". Now an update for Joomla 3.0 should be available, and you can install it with one click. Once this is done just update your Warp theme. To do so just replace the themes Warp folder with the latest Warp 6.3. To update Widgetkit or ZOO just re-install it through the Joomla extension manager.


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