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MiCasa Theme

November 2012 YOOtheme club theme

MiCasa Theme

Welcome our brand new MiCasa theme! Its plain modern style is complimented by pastel and muted colors as well as rounded box shapes. MiCasa will be perfect for all of you running a website associated with home and (life)style or fashion but it easily works for many other sites as well.

As a prominent eye catcher, we have integrated the front page slideshow for your teaser pictures, enhanced with the popular rotate effect from our latest Widgetkit version. The second custom Widgetkit style we created for MiCasa is the elegant semi-transparent slideset with smooth CSS hover effects. And of course, we also added a matching set of social icons that come in a box style with rounded corners.

Now, on to the variations: MiCasa offers you a range of 8 different styles as well as 8 beautiful backgrounds and 12 fonts to be freely combined with 3 secondary colors. Too many choices? Well, we’ve also included a selection of predefined profiles using the different styles, colors and fonts which you can select from in the theme administration. And just in case you were wondering - MiCasa also fully responsive and built on the latest version of our fast and slick Warp Theme Framework.

  • Available for Joomla and WordPress
  • Provides a fully responsive layout
  • 8 style variations available
  • Choose from 8 colors, 3 secondary colors and 10 fonts
  • 4 module style combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
  • Custom Widgetkit styles for slideshow and slideset
  • Flexible theme and column widths
  • All Warp framework features are available

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By Steffan | | Posted in Themes

Comments (40)

  • jakob.gede


    | Profile |
    Each first day of the month is like Christmas for me.
    Thank you YOOHTEME for your perfect products!
    • michael.hani


      | Profile |
      I agree yet again another perfect template! Thanks yootheme
  • bryan.wongsopawiro


    | Profile |
    The new widgetkit style is great! But everything else is a little bit same old same old....

    But love the new widgetkit style!
  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    I couldn't disagree more with Bryan...

    This theme is much more original than the last few, which were rehashes of old templates.

    This is very much back to form! Well done yootheme!
  • adamo


    | Profile |
    nice one.

    again a little bit simple design but looks good..

  • jeroen.vranckaerts


    | Profile |
    Beautiful theme, but i agree with Bryan and Adam, it's a little plain.

    Especiallty the background could use more contrast / variation, too much white for my tastes

    A mostly white site on a white background is often perceived as an unfinished / unpolished design, even when it's deliberately chosen
  • flytreklame


    | Profile |
    Great work!
    I dont understand complaints about color and backgrounds. If you don´t know how to modify a template to make it look what you want it to, maybe you should hire someone who knows?

    Read the documentation!
    • pablo.daniel.lopez.99


      | Profile |
      I agree!
      • panagiotis.apostolides


        | Profile |
        not so one light and one dark "style" should be always be offered by default (older themes got them - not all of the - )
        • jeroen.vranckaerts


          | Profile |
          At least one light and one dark style per theme would be great indeed.

          What i meant flytrek is that in the last five themes four of them are mostly white (MiCasa, Sync, Sphere, Nano2).

          Personally, what i'd like to see most would be a Yootheme version of the Windows 8 "Modern UI", like the Metro UI CSS project ( http://metroui.org.ua)
  • panagiotis.apostolides


    | Profile |
    ...same old same old
    plz make something more creative your framework rocks your last themes note so...
  • sebass


    | Profile |
    Just as my upholstery client was underwhelmed by modification of Tasty, this comes along and provides me with a rescue.

    Love the framework guys, still don't know why you don't get more love out there from the "Mainstream WP Media"
  • imagine333


    | Profile |
    1000 users... a 1000 wishes

    Nice template.

    @all If you want real rocking templates??? Build them yourself.
    Otherwise don't complain and customize Yootheme's templates!!
  • largeproductions


    | Profile |
    You guys have just saved me hours of hunting for a template to use on a new project!

    Nice work :)
  • drjonz


    | Profile |
    What I'd love is for all Warp 6 templates to go responsive.
  • ben.carter.84


    | Profile |
    I think this is stunning! Thank you very much, I love it!
  • webgeeze


    | Profile |
    Simple, but clean. So much better than last month. It must be difficult to be unique every month and you can't really be criticised too much as the quality of these themes are always good overall. Thumbs up from me, well done.
  • dr6sigma


    | Profile |
    All + YOOTheme,

    Dear YOOTheme users,

    As you know there are many Joomla (Wordpress) theme developers out there... YOOTheme provides a very stable well supported at a very reasonably priced platform to work from. Do not be so hung up on the base colors and designs presented each month but rather look at the module positions and associated styles offered. For example, I have three sites based on the Subway theme and for the non-trained YOOTheme eye would never know it is the base theme.

    Dear YOOTheme,

    You have power in your core clients whom work day in and day out designing websites, which should primarily be focused on the Voice of the Customer. At my day job (I am a Six Sigma Black Belt Consultant holding 2 master degrees and about to graduate with my PhD), one of the programs I have designed, launched and managed for the world's largest insurance company focuses on sequestering ideas from those whom work the "front lines" and are closest to where improvements can be had. That program is called "Bright Idea" to make incremental non-capital improvements. You should create an intake from to sequester ideas from your core clients for new theme designs. You could even make a contest out of it and name that theme after the winning submitter... Say twice per year our once per quarter...

    Anyways... keep up the good work!
  • carl.gerhard.wieners


    | Profile |
    This one is great again, but what I really wouild like to see is some dark themes as lghtweight as the last mostly white ones. Or at least built in dark variations as already stated here. That would be perfection. Thank You..
  • tobypsl


    | Profile |
    Looks like a good theme for a 'Laura Ashley' type shop / designer. Not my bag but I'm sure it'll work for some. I don't follow the 'same old same old' comments. Each template is sufficiently different from the last and by the time you've added a few customisations, your own layout and your own content it'll look like no one elses website. I visited the site of my previous template club yesterday and their designs are absolutely shocking (visually) compared to yoo theme - it's like they don't actually have a designer on board.

    In terms of next templates I'd like to see a busines to business professional services template and in terms of style a mash between a dark and a clear template - this would be novel.
  • wesley.dowdell


    | Profile |
    Template isn't bad, however I think you should start to focus more on plugins - OK everyone jump on board that its about theme's hence the 'YooTheme'.

    The sign up for the news letter section on this demo...presume there is no actual code for that just the design?

    The theme is quite nice, I am going to use it for my wife's hair salon site.
  • michele.de.filippi


    | Profile |
    Very Very nice theme :)
  • george.anderson


    | Profile |
    I'm happy with this one
  • joy.design.studio


    | Profile |
    I love the template. People, please modify the template if you aren't satisfied! Its not hard to change colors or a background...
  • deschateaux.laurent


    | Profile |
    Ok i love yootheme but i need use one template and one widgekit for full screen slider .
    For example i need a template like this : http://www.adidas.de/
  • berndwolter


    | Profile |
    Please more natural colors in your styles. No more Miami art.
  • tvoutour


    | Profile |
    Great template! This definitely has that cool tech startup look and feel! Exactly what we are looking for. Thank you so much!
  • blunoa


    | Profile |
    Nice and clean template Good Job everyone
  • greg.van


    | Profile |
    Once again another great template from Yoo Theme. As a web developer I don't expect Yoo Theme or any other template provider to do all my work. I expect them to provide me with quality templates that can be modified relatively easily to satisfy my clients. The templates from Yoo Theme are not only eye pleasing but built on one of the best if not the best framework out there. Yoo Theme continue to give me incredible value! Thanks Team Yoo Theme!!!
  • kelly.mcclain


    | Profile |
    This one needs a pentrest icon. Seriously.
  • peter.daalmeer


    | Profile |
    Very nice template, very useful. Thanks!
  • jeremy.ralston


    | Profile |
    Does this MiCasa Joomla theme come also as a WordPress 4 theme?
    If yes, can I please see a demo or the documentation to prove that it's available in WordPress 4?
    Thank You

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