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Infinite Theme

January 2013 YOOtheme club theme

Infinite Theme

Happy New Year! We kick it off with our first theme for 2013! Infinite comes with a simple and clean theme design which is really versatile and can be used for any agency, company or product wesbsite. It includes 8 style variations and each style comes with 3 different colors which can be combined in many different ways to create your favorite website look.

Altogether this theme offers bonus styles for Widgetkit slideshow and slideset, 8 style variations, 17 fonts and 2 module styles combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons. You can use this theme with Joomla or WordPress and it is based on the Warp6 theme framework which uses modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and features a fully responsive layout to make it look great on desktops, tablets and phones.

  • Available for Joomla and WordPress
  • Responsive theme, optimized for touch devices
  • 8 style variations available
  • Each style comes up with 3 different colors and the standard white that can separately assign for each block position
  • 2 module styles combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
  • New Double-Invers Module Layout
  • Widgetkit Slideshow and Slideset bonus styles
  • All Warp framework features are available

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By Steffan | | Posted in Themes

Comments (38)

  • morgan.gustafsson


    | Profile |
    Mmm... nice! Soft, elegant, colorful!
  • brucevalle


    | Profile |
    A great Start!
  • richard.bankert


    | Profile |
    I love it :)
  • bryan.wongsopawiro


    | Profile |
    This is a great theme! Good work Yoothemes, 2013 starts good and hope it will be even better for the months to come!

    Hope to see more great themes in 2013!
  • philipp.bruhin


    | Profile |
    Great! That's exactly what I was looking for :-)

    Happy new year to all!
  • babette.becher


    | Profile |
    Yes that is it. A pretty and useful template.
  • greenparrot


    | Profile |
    Very nice template

    good timing, going to use it tomorrow to re-build a Blues Music Festival website
  • waitz


    | Profile |
    Wow, what a massive template. I sit on a 21 inch widescreen, and it looks really cool ;-)
  • dr6sigma


    | Profile |
    Hi Yootheme..

    Wow! One word.....BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors! I might have to move my own site from Inspire to this one!! Great addition to the portfolio! I know from reading the comments from month to month that this one really hit the mark for many of your customers!!

    I plugged into my 48" Samsung HD monitor via HDMI and it looks amazing!!

    Great job! Very excited!!
    • greenparrot


      | Profile |
      @dr6sigma agree with you, going to use it for my own site to :)

      it even looks good on my ZX81 with 12" green screen monitor :p

      Happy New Year everyone :D
  • koray.cokol


    | Profile |
    Perfect theme. The design is wonderful Thanks YOOtheme
  • francis.roger


    | Profile |
    I really like this one. Très beau design. Très original.

  • cgmpowers


    | Profile |
    Just made my freakin' day. Thank you so much. I've been hemming and hawing over a template from another Joomla provider, because I liked "part of it" but it had a lot of draw backs. It sucked for mobile, and didn't really have any benefits of some of the great things YooThemes builds in like the typography or styles. This other template had a large photo (fairly full width) and that was the "selling point" for this one client.

    Well, I'm going to ditch their template now and use this new one. Thank you so much!! Its exactly, exactly, what I was wanting & had been whining about for a week trying to use this other guys template.

    Chris Powers
  • greta.decoster


    | Profile |
    Great template so far, yoo really back. I love this template but some images missing in chrome. Infinite look great in IE and Firefox. Please fix this problem. Thanks.
  • patrick.nasir


    | Profile |
  • wayne.buchner.43


    | Profile |
    Love it!!
    The BEST Yootheme to date! this is beautiful!!
  • loris8893


    | Profile |
    Wow! Nice template! = D
  • akcreation


    | Profile |
    Congratulations yooGuys! Impressive start to the year, clean, crisp and contemporary. Many thanks :)
  • ughetto.florian


    | Profile |
    A MA ZING !

    Yotheme you rock and you're my favourite template for january !
  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    Just scrolled down the comments so far...

    That's pretty comprehensive priase!! :]

    Well done YooTheme... Back on form in a big way!

    Subscription is being renewed!
  • brucevalle


    | Profile |
    Hey Guys is there a way that at future versions yours could implement a nice menu system as the others clubs? i mean when i use it as responsive they make that there appear an icon instead the word Home and the menus items looks nice. BTW This theme is great!
    • paul.flynn.99


      | Profile |
      Hi bruce.valle,

      This is possible by adding an icon to your menu item in Link Type Options (on the right of the menu item admin) and for Add Menu Title, select 'No'. I have this on my page where my home page is simply a house icon, not the word Home. Good luck.
  • josh.dorresteijn


    | Profile |
    WOW! This is a awesome start of 2013!

    Very, very nice indeed.
  • moledesign


    | Profile |
    Staggering.. the way it adapts to any width of screen is beautiful.. I have dragged it over 2 massive monitors, and its extends perfectly.. thats a display of 3900x1050 and it looks stunning
  • luis.hernan.carrasco.barrera


    | Profile |
    very very nice!!

    Congrats and many thanks YooTeam!.
  • doogledesign


    | Profile |
    Best. Template. Yet.
  • marco.ingrosso


    | Profile |
    Great template!
    2013 starts very well :-)
  • kelly.mcclain


    | Profile |
    I can see this one being used on so many different upcoming projects!

    I hate to use the same one on various projects so I hope that by month's end, February's template rocks as much as this one!
  • mjplowcha


    | Profile |
    I just finished customizing Nano2 template to do the same thing with the widget kit! Now i'm going to have to switch up to this one. Looks great!
  • phillip.kaas


    | Profile |
    Allright this template is what we like to see more of in the future =) good job !
  • steven.coling


    | Profile |
    A really top class template, will be using it a lot.
  • rien.van.de.laar


    | Profile |
    One word..
  • jorge.batres


    | Profile |
    Great themes, I wish you guys would create a theme for TRAVEL (big industry).
  • colmex


    | Profile |
  • arunas.garalevicius


    | Profile |
    I was very much excited and have bought this theme.
    But after installing it I got dissapointed of how much it is just HTML in the plaintext mode. All the nice gems (except widgetkit) are made with just typing exact HTML code in exact places, which is almost imposible for simple people (or just business customers) to handle.
    And it also could have better responsive features.
    Perhaps it could be improved by making some buttons in WYSIWYG editor for the right HTML chunk.
    • smcgarry


      | Profile |
      dito. worse still found simple inbuilt bootstrap funcationality has been removed

      Try this in fiddleJS http://jsfiddle.net/cngPS/35/ and the then try it with prostar, works a treat.

      Now try it with infinite template and will not work. Really bad form.
  • zhu.xiaoling


    | Profile |
    Great themes!

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