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Venture Theme

May 2013 YOOtheme club theme

Venture Theme

Let's get down to business with our new May theme release, Venture. Its rich yet clean and functional style is perfectly suited for your corporate website. Check out the cool navigations and buttons and try to resist the temptation to touch them.

You can combine a variety of different styles, backgrounds and colors to create your very unique website experience. And that's not all! Venture comes with an optional separator background image for your module positions, smooth CSS animations and a beautiful bonus style for the Widgetkit Slideshow tabs.

All in all Venture offers you 4 styles and 4 background textures, 8 colors, 12 fonts and 6 module styles which can be combined with 4 badges and 6 icons. It is based on our Warp6 theme framework, which utilizes latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and of course a responsive layout and can be used with Joomla or WordPress.

  • Available for Joomla and WordPress
  • Responsive theme, optimized for touch devices
  • 4 style variations and 4 background textures available
  • Choose from 8 colors and 12 fonts
  • 6 module styles combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
  • Custom Widgetkit style for the Slideshow widget
  • All Warp framework features are available

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By Danny | | Posted in Themes

Comments (62)

  • morgan.gustafsson


    | Profile |
    Very nice again! I really like this one! Great yoob :-)
  • wesley.dowdell


    | Profile |
    Nothing special about this theme, does it support buddy press? In my eyes YooTheme are slacking and all the themes are looking very similar if not just a slight modification to old themes.

    The home/font page is one big picture with a few widgets in the lower section, I imagine bottom A/B etc, the rest of the theme is exactly like every other theme, with the widgets in the same place.

    Don't think I will renew my account in 106 days, alot my 'theme clubs' offer versatile and different styled themes.

    I think YooThemes should offer 2 themes a month as opposed to 1 with them being very similar to the previous themes..
  • kiweerouge


    | Profile |
    too... cold for me. A simple theme, that is great but...
  • jacob.rossen


    | Profile |
    This years first 4 templates is really nice with great design features, but now it's back to the old boring days. Come on Yootheme, your designers are better than this!

    Ps.: I think a "fashion"-like template in black/white/light grey would be quite popular. Please consider...
  • jakob.gede


    | Profile |
    I can not use it for my projects/customer...
    Sorry, but it's to tasteless.
  • viktor.horst


    | Profile |
    Not my cup of tea
  • wesley.dowdell


    | Profile |
    Looks like alot of people are getting bored with the same style of themes...shame YooTheme don't take on board some of the comments.
    • wesley.dowdell


      | Profile |
      To be honest the last few months have not been exciting for me, the last theme that I get a bit excited over was Drive.

      Since then for me they have all been sloppy and very similar
  • akcreation


    | Profile |
    sorry guys but I have to agree with the comments above. This template is really poor. It looks like it's been thrown together at the last minute - it offers nothing new at all and I can't see myself ever using it. A real shame as the last few months templates have been innovative and high quality
  • sascha


    | Profile |
    Sorry to disappoint some of you guys this time. Of course we put also a lot of work into this theme but maybe you will like the new theme next month...

    We are also working on Warp 7 which will have a lot of new features :-)
    • wesley.dowdell


      | Profile |
      Hi Sascha, I don't mean any disrespect, when I signed up for YooTheme, the themes were unique and visually looked very well made, which made me choose to sign up with YooTheme.

      However from the last 3 theme release, alot of people are not impressed with the end result as they are very similar of not 'copies' of older themes.

      I understand it takes time etc to produce the themes and the hard work going into designing and coding the theme, however for me it seems that you guys have dropped the ball time and time again lately.

      Is there a chance if the themes are going to be the same/similar can you not release 2 themes a month? Maybe introduce plugins other than Widget kit to your arsenal, so there is something other than just the themes that more and more people are getting bored of and lose business.

      As I said I don't want to offend anyone at YooTheme, however I feel as a paying customer to say maybe you will like the new theme next month, when this theme has only been released in the space of a couple of hours is a bit of a cop out, if that is the attitude no wonder the themes are lacking in design. I know some people have different likes/tastes etc, but you guys should look around at other clubs and T ThemeForest for inspiration.

      I await next month's theme in anticipation (maybe to be told oh well wait until the following month)
    • joso


      | Profile |
      Hi sascha, please more news on Warp 7.
  • ralharithi


    | Profile |
    This is a great work, it is an excellent theme for corporate website.

    It can be improved in the internal details, like headings "i.e. item title, related articles, etc...

    Thank you for the hard work.
  • sa.pr


    | Profile |
    I like the even simple themes from Yootheme, yes, but I honestly still waiting for a really impressive template to finally work with JomSocial.

    There have been no native Jomsocial template that I could use in the past.

    You only have to offer a really unusual and not always your standard template in a modified form.
  • ryan.jones


    | Profile |
    Hope the new stuff starts coming soon. Have not really been impressed this year with YOO. The themes lack innovation and seem just like copies of older themes. ZOO has not been significantly upgraded since it's initial release including 0 new native apps released by YOO. Also, the Icon Sets, you are lucky if you get 2 sets during a 6-month subscription. Please work on these areas. I really did enjoy using your products when they were at the top of their game.
  • matthew.gormally


    | Profile |
    Maybe I am getting a little boring, but I actually look forward to the end of the month to see the new Yootheme theme. However, Venture, in my opinion is one of the worst I have seen from Yootheme. It just looks so ordinary.
    Solar looks great, so what has happen over the last 30 days?
  • phoenixgb


    | Profile |
    What they all said...
  • ethistle


    | Profile |
    I think it has lots of potential and also a nice bootstrap look to it.
    If you can't make a nice looking website with this then you might want to think about becoming a plumber!!!

    • geoinvitation


      | Profile |
      Indeed :-) & i like your comment " If you can't make a nice looking website with this then you might want to think about becoming a plumber!" -

      great, clean & well coded job as ever yooguy´s. dont know why somebody can´t understand that is not easy to fit all over 10, 15 or 20k customer needs...

      greetings from germany :-)
      • gergin


        | Profile |
        you can make from all bad templates good template.
        The point is why should I spend money when the template has the same structure of past months. I dont need graphic, I need new "WOW" structure idea
    • akcreation


      | Profile |
      sorry Jim but I think you're missing the point here. We can all make a nice looking website, that's what we do, but the whole point of paying for a template club is to have some inspiration, innovation and above all to save time. If you are happy to pay for something that doesn't provide this then good on you - your comment of 'has a nice bootstrap look to it' says it all - there are a million sites that look like bootstrap. I don't want my site to look like a million other sites, hence why I pay yootheme for a bit of inspiration.
  • gergin


    | Profile |
    I was looking forward to the beginning of the month
    what I see "no idea template" :'(

    I'm looking forward to the beginning next of the month :D
  • stepswater


    | Profile |
    Way too bland, the graphics float around on the page and need something to anchor them to the design. It's clean enough, and fast, and if you put some time into customising it then I'm sure you could make a good website out of it. Unfortunately I'd imagine your customer base wants something that looks great 'out of the box', that saves them time by being 'almost' what they need from day one. Also nice to see some more obvious social media links as well on the site (maybe a side tab or something). Keeping them small and arty looking at the bottom is fine but clients want more and more emphasis put on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus etc and so hiding them is not the best way forward. Liked Infinite this year though, and your components - Warp, Widgetkit and Zoo are still excellent
  • kelly.mcclain


    | Profile |

    I was looking for a good template to sell to hospitals and clinics which seems to be a less tapped market in my neck of the world.

    This will work PERFECT!

    YOO Guys read my mind. Love it!

  • oguz.copel


    | Profile |
    The same team like lot of others. A nice clean template with some big pictures. The menu is really good, a new one. But no new features. Still loving Yootheme for there nice unique templates. But we want some new features. Exciting about the warp 7. Also Widgetkit and Zoo can use some big updates, like a extensive search plugin for Zoo.

    Also something like Nano 2, its super because we can choose from diffrent menu's.
  • kahani


    | Profile |
    I think this theme is simple and great. Yootheme, I think your designs are consistently great and I appreciate the solid engineering underneath them. Across a twelve month span, there is a ton of variety in what you provide - some graphic rich, some simple - works for all businesses. Keep doing what you're doing!
  • peter.daalmeer


    | Profile |
    A little bit disappointed about this template. I think it would be vey nice to see a template witch is useful for an Office website. Hopefully next time....
  • floyd.mitchell


    | Profile |
    Honestly I think it is great but I am a minimalist and like to use the framework that they have and modify it. This is more my cup of tea than the last theme. I am excited to use it.
  • patrick.reijers


    | Profile |
    Theme looking great, but have to say it is pretty the same as the old themes, Pace and showroom where big changes we want to see more crazy ideas. I know you can do it

    please surprise us in the month June. X
  • paulgreene


    | Profile |
    It looks good, but ........ sorry to say it's not waow, although it's clean.

    Wonder if you could allow larger icons on the menu's specially at the top one. You are showing them at the Zoo section, and they are way too small. A lot of the competition allows large graphics here..... it helps a lot!

    A copy of Dark colors as an option would be good too!

    Sell, sell........ is what my clients are asking for their products, needing a product template that will go with Zoo, please!!!!!

    You guys are fantastic! I am enjoying very much working with Widgetkit + zoo.
  • doguz


    | Profile |
    Very good template. I can see a lot of sites using this one. Don't let the negative comments get you down. The widget kit looks slick, and the module styles are very nice looking.

    Some ideas for a future template, can you pls look at doing one that resembles the current crop of product/software styled sites. I can't think of too many at the moment, but one I saw yesterday was redeemco.com

    A lot of these sites have the menu across the top, with login/sign up at the top right. Large home page feature and modules across the bottom.

    I think that all of your templates cater for a lot of content, but you are missing the market where people just want to push one product. Minimal module options. Just to the point. Get a single message out there.

    I could probably achieve this look with any of your templates, but it's an idea for you to consider showing how it's done.
  • markprintergto


    | Profile |
    Have seen a view designers using colour pickers and background image selctors on backend template settings maybe you could implement this if you take a look at unedo templae on theme forest
    this is warp based with those features

  • christos.kiritsis


    | Profile |
    Awesome template.. Clean and very customizable ! Plenty of module variations, very smooth and slick animations on buttons of both main and side menus.. Congrats !
  • iown


    | Profile |
    Please can you give some variation? Can you put the menu in a different position? It is the same old design time after time!
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Are you aware that the last themes, especially Showroom and Tasty, have completely different menus?
      • ray.lawlor


        | Profile |
        Without sounding like an ass kisser...

        I've just had a look at YooThemes last 5 templates on the template Demo. Each one is different.

        Showroom was utterly awesome. The side menu, and the choice between 'stuck left' and center was inspired.

        Pace was quirky and fun and great for any App developers needing a App demo site.

        Infinite offered lush 100% width styles that made the theme so dynamic.

        Solar brought in the Grid-a-licious stuff which was awesome. Sticky menu was useful also.

        Every template has had something new and innovative. I'm really struggling to understand some of the negativity above.

        Have you all actually installed the Venture theme and had a play with it?
        Nobody has mentioned that fact that it contains some ZOO css. But you wouldn't know that without installing it and having a look.
      • iown


        | Profile |
        My comment is about the horizontal menu position as you know it cant be moved down the page without considerable work.. If one of your designs had the menu under the slider this would go a long way to meeting my customers demands.
        • robbert


          | Profile |
          This can be done in every single theme with some very minor changes in the layouts/template.php file. Just cut the menu part and paste it underneath the top-b position and you're all set. :)

          I actually really like this theme. The styling is beautiful, especially the menu and module variations looks awesome.
  • webgeeze


    | Profile |
    not for me! it's sending me to sleep just looking at it. Most themes are a great base and can be modified to be unique, but this one I will give a miss as it's just not worthy and I don't like the nav.

    It must be hard to release something new each month and please everyone. For what YT charge for their themes, I remain a happy customer, but I won't bother installing and tweaking this one.
  • michael.shvartsman


    | Profile |
    Great clean design, exellent work!

    Thank you!
  • william.barnes


    | Profile |
    I agree with most post – Good and Bad.

    Yes it beautiful design – definitely hard work went into it and yes the design is stagnant –reminiscent of prior designs.

    Everyone wants to yell at the sky about lack of innovation but I would think there is more behind the scenes than we realize. I cannot imagine the complexity of balancing an attractive membership price point and making key decisions on what investments are made to keep existing members and simultaneously attracting new ones. I also think we tend to forget that both Joomla! and Wordpress is supported by each new theme. Double the workload.

    Here are a few of my Joomla! community observations that I will try to state as constructive criticism. I know it is a comment hijack and long winded but you are starting to receive blow back from the YOOTHEME community.

    Please don’t take offense to the statements below – I think highly of YOOTHEME and I am a faithful member. I simply want to point out things that may be overlooked or can help improve the YOOTHEME experience.

    1. Responsive Designs - Responsive designs have introduced a few limitations that no one seems to be able to overcome and it has placed some limitations on creativity across the board for all template houses.
    • The Header has become a downfall for all theme houses. In truth – Flexibility within The header section itself is as critical as the entire rest of the theme.
    • To accommodate the Responsive Nature of the navigation system - Everyone is trying to CRAM logo – main navigation – Login and search features into one section. This is a MAJOR limitation to the end client. Rarely do we get themes with multiple navigation systems in the header. When we do (Venture is an example) – Only the main navigation is responsive. Other navigations just disappear in mobile device mode. What if it is shopping cart features? Or if the site requires four divisions – each with their own main navigation structure? I must say that YOOTHEME did a great job and was a concept changer for me when Showroom and Pace released themes with the Vertical main navigation. It allows for far more main navigation buttons within the responsive menu. However – Someone needs to overcome the single navigation issue and come up with a way to introduce multiple main navigations in the responsive menu.
    • The logo size area is typically small to accommodate navigation space that fits the theme. ALL theme houses have adopted this single name logo to keep the logo footprint small – Venture, Solar, Pace, Infinite, etc. What if our clients name is jimsultimatechandalershowcase.com? Were typically hosed on fitting the logo and navigation. Yes we can change some css – but it typically ruins the responsive aspect of the theme.

    2. YOOTHEME designs – pretty much stuck in a stagnant state – We either get a full screen theme or we get the 980px site. You should look at what others are innovating with.
    • The number one hurdle I see across the board is that all theme houses have developed their repetitive template content – These are the features, options and how to use them. They dress it up with photos and images that are not licensed to pass through with the theme. In the end – It often feels like the only customized difference is the font and the color theme. Realistically – The warp framework is always the warp framework. Respectively the same for Gantry and other frameworks.
    • I particularly think one of the Joomla houses Shine with the innovative ability to select narrow, wide or full screen design by a click of the button. That should be a default feature from all theme houses.
    • A feature that pops up once in a while that I think should be permanent in all theme house template managers is the ability to select a check box to make the header and or footer sticky or permanent – allowing for the content body to slide below – maintaining the important navigation features visible. It should be a standard feature. Again Showroom and Pace solved that nicely with the ability to pin the vertical navigation when side bar content does not overflow.

    3. YOOTHEME Zoo and Widgetkit – S-T-A-G-N-A-N-T – It is understandable that you might not want to mess with things that plain out work well – But I check every month for something new and NOTHING – EVER.
    • From a customer standpoint – You should try to release 2 new widget kit features and 2 new ZOO features (Features not Updates) per year. That’s not too much to ask for 1 new item per quarter. Every month should see some form of update on improving the current features.
    • Also – the implementation of new features often lead to new and creative themes. WIN-WIN.
    • With ZOO – Get rid of the solid backgrounds by default. Not every design has a white background. Just keep the background transparent and let the theme handle background. Also – to be frank - I simply don’t see the value in the ZOO offering above and beyond the theme membership, especially when a key selling point is - “Includes New Releases, Technical Support, and Regular Updates”. If you were releasing 2 new features a year – maybe. Right now – I would consider it if the price was closer to $49 and $99.

    4. YOOTHEME Website and Offering –
    • You lost my first two years of Joomla learning to a competitor simply due to my being a newbie and I could not understand the differences between your theme, widgetkit and ZOO memberships and offerings. No matter how much I read – It was originally confusing and overwhelming at best.
    • Theme Demos – Please place One JOOMLA and One Wordpress Demo button on the home page. I get tired of selecting two and three buttons to get to the DEMO Page. SERIOUSLY. Home Page – Click – Demo Page.
    • YOOTHEME Icons – Yes you have beautiful icons – but really; who am I am going sell a space monkey too? Most of the useful icons are already done 10o x’s over by others. It’s a tough sell for a membership when your release date stamps are typically spread 4, 5 and 6 months apart. You really should have 3 or 4 times the offering by now.
    • MAYBE offer - Order Theme, Zoo and Icon memberships for discounted rates?

    @flamers – Please don’t bash me too hard.

    Best Regards,
    • aleksander.pi.tak


      | Profile |
      William, I think you have 100% right!
    • william.barnes


      | Profile |
      Thanks guys. I was a little worried after re-reading.
      @YooTheme - I did not mean to come across so harsh on service Values. Not a good thing to types thoughts hyped up on caffeine. I do wish the other offers evolved more consistently - Not that they have no value. YooTheme overall is a solid value.

    • aksel


      | Profile |
      Hear, hear...very nicely written.
    • robert.klaassens


      | Profile |
      "William for President"

      Please Yootheme: Listen! This is FREE advice from a level that big multinationals pay thousends of dollars for!
      • david.lovrien


        | Profile |
        I hope YT is listening to this. Most of these points are WAY more valuable than "Warp 7"....
    • jeffk


      | Profile |
      thanks for putting into words all the things i thought need looking into with Yootheme and some points i hadnt even thought of :)
  • akimov


    | Profile |
    William, I totally agree with you!
  • joomgo


    | Profile |
    spot on, Willie B
  • greg.van


    | Profile |
    I love the template. It is clean, professional, and with a little effort can be tweaked to meet the need of just about any type of business. Basic HTML & CSS skills can make this happen. Yoo Theme provides great templates and other products at affordable prices. As a web developer the templates cut the time I spend on a project in half, and sometimes even more. For what they charge it's one amazing deal. YT is one of the best Joomla template clubs out there if not the best. Any true web designer / developer knows this. YOO ROCK!
  • juergen.duttlinger


    | Profile |
    None of my customers were satisfied with the old fashion responsive style seeing on their smartphones. (main menu -> list box).

    Please get rid of it with Warp 7. You can do better then this.

    Please let us know what are the upcoming features with Warp, Zoo and
  • icinfo


    | Profile |
    First theme in months that does not require DAYS to modify to something useful. Keep up the good work. And please, make more SIMPLE themes that can be modified to a SMALL company use in less than 1 hour. thx.
  • hydercohen


    | Profile |
    A very bog standard theme not much thought has gone into this. I think this was a rush job. Far to similar to the older themes. Yoo Theme you need to up the anti otherwise will be left behind. It seems things are being rushed and not really thought out. I feel a bit cheated this month. The theme is very similar to Sync and totally uncreative.

  • mennko


    | Profile |
    I'm with William.Barnes
  • marc.sylvester.35


    | Profile |
    AH! Beautiful Theme you guys!
    I've been waiting for a theme like this from you.

    It's perfect. :)

  • neal.taylor


    | Profile |
    Any chance of doing a theme specifically for charity or not for profit, with layout and design suited to the charity?
  • martin.rothe


    | Profile |
    Its June, new template? :-D
  • matt.bord


    | Profile |
    This one is pretty cool.

    I think guys here should spend more time thinking about this innovative ways than the design itself. Since every good designer does his own design anyway, but new technologies and coding may be a different story.

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