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Showroom Theme

February 2013 YOOtheme club theme

Showroom Theme

Check out our new February 2013 theme release, Showroom. Looking for a creative and professional way to present your photography or your portfolio? Look no further, Showroom is what you need. This clean and versatile theme comes with a whole set of nifty features like an optional fixed sidebar with vertical navigation, page alignment and featured images.

You can completely fix Sidebar A and still add as many modules to it as you like. If the modules you published don't fit the site, the sidebar scrolls automatically. Furthermore you can align your website to the left or center. This way you get a cool and unique layout, that gives focus to your content.

Showroom provides a great opportunity to present your blog in a beautiful way by using featured images, which benefit from the full article width. In addition to all these features Showroom offers you a choice of 8 style variations and 4 background colors for the sidebar, content and background.

  • Available for Joomla and WordPress
  • Responsive theme, optimized for touch devices
  • 8 style variations available
  • Combine 4 background colors for the sidebar, content and background
  • Choose from 4 different background photos and 13 fonts
  • 3 module styles combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
  • Widgetkit Slideshow bonus style and custom Spotlight
  • All Warp framework features are available

Update: We enhanced the vertical menu.

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

By Steffan | | Posted in Themes

Comments (57)

  • marcel.molleman


    | Profile |
    Did I say WoW! yet? ;-)

    I Love it Yootheme!!! U overclassed URSelf this time!!!
    Showroom theme is AweSome......
    let me spell that:
    A W E S O M E

    Thank U 4 Such a great, great theme..... This 1 I'm Gonna Use a Lot!
    • imagine333


      | Profile |
      I think you forgot to say a few WoW's more

      absolutely fabulous and 'out of the box' designer template
      • jacob.rossen


        | Profile |

        I agree 100% and please design more templates with the same wow effect.

  • morgan.gustafsson


    | Profile |
    Again, very nice. I like that you try something new with the menu and that's warp is behaving really well in all ways. Loads really fast!
  • greg.van


    | Profile |
    Template looks great. I can't wait to test it out. Thank you Team Yoo Theme!
  • impactdesign


    | Profile |
    The theme does not appear in the download section.
  • marcus.palmer


    | Profile |
    Brilliant... Great work!!!!
  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    Wow guys!!

    I am delighted with this theme!

    Way to think outside the box...!

    Great to see the menu in the sidebar and the fixed sidebar also!

  • thomas.schulz.53


    | Profile |
    Great theme! Thanks for that.
  • joso


    | Profile |
    Beautiful templates, great job.
    In the demo I noticed that with zoo blog, menu and sidebar does not scroll as the other pages, is this normal?
    • pawel


      | Profile |
      Yes, thats normal. If the modules you published don't fit the height of the browser window the sidebar scrolls automatically.
  • damir


    | Profile |
    Great Theme, Excellent!
  • francis.alisson


    | Profile |
    I just wnat to say THANK YOU!

    I´ve been waiting for this template for years.

    REALLY, thank you.

    That´s wonderfull!
  • brucevalle


    | Profile |
    Its a great theme, Yootheme is doing very well, but really i would see any customization into the menu, is anything that Yootheme will do soon? I mean add an icon to the responsive menu instead to just show Home? and maybe give a nice css look the the dropdown menu?
  • mark.scott.10


    | Profile |
    Is it just me but in chrome there seem to be issues with text scrolling off to the right outside of box. This happens for me in the demo and then also in another site where I have installed. Does not happen in Waterfox, firefox,
    • karalambos


      | Profile |
      happens to me aswell.. looks like it some problem with line height looks like text on text and no breakline and goes out of mainbody.
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Hi guys, thanks for reporting! We will take a look at it. For further discussion please post it in our http://www.yootheme.com/support center.
  • adso.de.melk


    | Profile |
    Wonderful theme. Good job. Very original, smooth, elegant. Probably of the best !
  • dene.wilby


    | Profile |
    Absolutely tremendous, you guys are REALLY coming into your own here. Thank you for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated.
  • karalambos


    | Profile |
    it looks nice but seems broken.. the text goes past the mainbody it seems.. or is it suppose to be like that?

    for example if you have a light background the the right with the default setup the text will vanish when it cross over the the right side of the page,
  • flytreklame


    | Profile |
    I love this one! Great work Yootheme!
  • paul.flynn.99


    | Profile |
    We asked for dark and light profiles in one template and we got 'em. Thanks, Yootheme.
  • mark.scott.10


    | Profile |
    Widgetkit showroom in extra slideshow styles?

    has it been added to the download in the widgetkit download area. Could not see it
  • harry.adams


    | Profile |
    Hate it - sorry but I do. Many clients have fairly large logos that need header space above the menu, but you seem to be heading more towards forcing clients to shrink their logos to fit in small square spaces
  • george.anderson


    | Profile |
    No, sorry I simply do not like this.
  • omikr9n


    | Profile |
    Great job once again yootheme! Another fresh idea after your infitite theme!
  • artsteez


    | Profile |
    Great job! My brain is overloading with design ideas. Thank you!
  • pingdre


    | Profile |
    Nice job , but on android tablets use ff , you can't select the sub items in the menu e.g media player , it just go to the widgetkit page ...
  • blunoa


    | Profile |
    Well done, another fantastic template
  • martinahovi


    | Profile |
    awsome ... I was already impressed by the january theme ... and here again a brandnew clean and fresh idea!
  • dr6sigma


    | Profile |
    Hi all,

    Nice departure from the norm layout/functionality..

  • sivan


    | Profile |
    Excellent, very nice!!
  • joshgilson


    | Profile |
    First Off, This theme is amazing! I already have a project in mind I'm going to use it for next month.

    These are the couple things I noticed browsing the theme today:
    1 - On the slideshow (Widgetkit) page, the bottom of each element has not padding or margin.
    2 - The Module badges are very blurry on my iPhone and a little blurry on my laptop. Can they Either be made to be 326 DPI or be css/text?
  • crypple


    | Profile |
    All I have to say is it's about time! Themes should be about innovative menu and page display options, not repetitive new color treatments. This is a very solid compliment to the Yootheme portfolio and, while it won't be everyones cup of tea, offers devs a different starting point for innovation.

    Very well done Yootheme team.
  • dnsduarte


    | Profile |
    Very nice!
  • michelle.dixon


    | Profile |
    Love it!!!
  • officialmarks


    | Profile |
    That's what I'm talking about! Best one yet...This theme totally kicks ass...
  • stephan.herby


    | Profile |
    I don't already know where... But i gonna use this template, for sure ! Bravo :-)
  • pandigula


    | Profile |
    OMG nice theme!!!!! i absolutely loved!
  • anadromitis


    | Profile |
    big compliment to the design team... love the flexibility that your themes provide in general and this one specially. well thought through. stylish, elegant and simple. you make it easy to stay a loyal client hehehe. thanks for the great work.
  • vincent.sims


    | Profile |
    Terrible theme... Thank god a lot of people lack talent, I will make money off them....
  • paul.elkington


    | Profile |
    Great theme from the norm....
    the left side bar appears first on a mobile, so you have to scroll to the bottom for article selected. This is ok for menu but not sub, ads etc, people want what they select straight away not more links and options.

    Is there a way round this.
  • renem


    | Profile |
    Nice theme but see what happens on an iPad.....:-(
  • frank.aucoin


    | Profile |
    Very, very, very nice theme. Wow. I like the fixed sidebar. Good job.
  • george.anderson


    | Profile |
    There's big problems with this theme under Firefox on a Google Nexus 7.
  • james.mcroy.60


    | Profile |
    Very nice style Can we easily upload our own backgrounds from the admin?
  • steve.harrison


    | Profile |
    Sorry guys I must be missing something.

    I think it is the worst template yootheme have made since going responsive.

    Redards Steve.
  • gibelot.benoit.94


    | Profile |
    nice job !!!
  • ezat.bajbouj


    | Profile |
    I can't believe thattttttt
    great joooob
  • jj2012


    | Profile |
  • vishal.verma


    | Profile |
    Awesome theme.. liked the layout.

    looking forward to kick ass Music Artist theme in future...
  • bjoern.becker


    | Profile |
    Hello, is it possible to open your showroom Website with IE7?
  • jason.west


    | Profile |
    I love this theme. It works very well and I'm excited to see what YOOTheme does next !!

    Please incorporate a nice contact form.. please please please!!!
  • juergen.duttlinger


    | Profile |
    Layout is nice. But using the sub menus on the left makes me feel sick.
  • lafrance


    | Profile |
    Well I must say I never did like your template this one blow me off my chair great work and now i am a member :)
    Pierre Gazzola

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