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How big is UIkit?

A file size comparison of popular front-end frameworks


Creating charts is fun! We wanted to know, how UIkit's file size compares to the leading front-end frameworks, namely Twitter's Bootstrap and Zurb's Foundation. Therefore, we created some charts of how the minified CSS and JavaScript files compare to each other.

Please keep in mind that the file size depends on the supported features of each framework. More features result in a bigger size. Nevertheless, it is good to know how big the framework is, you are using. We checked the file sizes of the current frameworks. But since they are in constant development, the sizes may have changed. Having that said, let's take a look at the charts...

Minified CSS

Some frameworks come with icons and some not. So we separated the icons from the core size in our first chart to give you a better overview.

Minified CSS file size comparision of popular front-end frameworks

In the second chart we added the default icons the frameworks use.

Minified CSS (with icons) file size comparision of popular front-end frameworks

Minified JavaScript

The third chart compares the minified JavaScript.

Minified JavaScript file size comparision of popular front-end frameworks

CSS and Javascript

The last chart shows the total size of CSS and JavaScript together.

Theming with UIkit


It is great to see that UIkit proves to be very lightweight, which is great for fast loading times. Bootstrap 3 is also very similar and lightweight. Foundation is bigger, which is because of all the different features they have implemented.

If you are satisfied with all the different components and features UIkit offers, you are in good hands. We keep it as small and lightweight as possible. Next, we will prepare a comparison chart of the different features each framework has.

By Keven | | Posted in UIkit

Comments (7)

  • amir.hesari


    | Profile |

    very good :)
  • lucas


    | Profile |
    uikit show the best of next generation of web !!!!!!!
  • bart.jan


    | Profile |
  • bdthemes


    | Profile |
    very good, in race...
  • ericb


    | Profile |
    This is quite impressive, but unfortunately IE8 support (at least partial) is a pretty big deal for us. Our largest clients (hospitals, higher education) all have around 35% IE8 usage according to last month's statistics.

    Foundation 4 doesn't support IE8 either, as far as I know, but Bootstrap 3 does.
  • coffeegroup


    | Profile |
    What is the reason you created UI Kit? I'm not following who your audience is on creating this. "If I have to ask, I am probably not your target audience," of that I am sure, but who is?
    • ericb


      | Profile |
      The same audience as the people who would use Bootstrap or Foundation to build websites on. That is, anyone who knows HTML/CSS and wants to quickly build a responsive website with a robust feature set (tabs, buttons, drop downs, all of the things listed on the UIKit website) without having to do it all from scratch.

      YooTheme is using it to build Warp 7 templates, but anyone can use it to build whatever they want.

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