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UIkit 2.5 released

New upload, autocomplete, placeholder, dotnav and slidenav add-ons

UIkit 2.5 released

Today we would like to introduce UIkit 2.5, which is a really big release. We have been busy working on a whole bunch of new add-ons and a lot of improvements. Altogether there are 5 completely new add-ons: Autocomplete, Upload, Placeholder, Dotnav and Slidenav. We also refactored the Search component, which will increase the possibilities and reduce the core size. We also fixed some issues for the Modal, Timepicker and the Markdown area. Let's have a quick look at all the new stuff.

Autocomplete and Search add-ons

First of all, we created the new Autocomplete add-on. It allows users to choose from a list of pre-generated values while typing. The Search component is completely based on the Autocomplete add-on and has been removed from the UIkit core. Instead it's now also available as an add-on. This was created to reduce UIkit's core size and because now you can include the Search only when it's really needed.

Dotnav and Slidenav add-ons

The Dotnav add-on is perfect for creating a page scroll navigation or sliders. The Slidenav add-on will allow you to build a next and previous navigation for image and content sliders. Note that there is no slideshow JS available in UIkit but we are working on it. These are the first steps.

Upload and placeholder add-ons

The Upload add-on utilizes the latest XMLHttpRequest Level 2 specification and provides the ability of uploading files via Ajax including tracking of the upload progress. Note that it does not handle your file uploads on the server. Drop areas can easily be created thanks to the new Placeholder add-on.

Core Improvements

UIkit now has its own simple template engine inspired by Mustache.js. This comes in handy whenever you need to combine data with custom markup, for example in our new Autocomplete add-on. A new utility is the overflow container, which provides a horizontal scrollbar whenever the elements inside it are wider than the container itself. This is great for making tables responsive. The Modal and the Text components also have got some new modifiers and we did a lot of bug fixes.

We're happy to see that our community is growing and helping each other. It's also great to see all your cool works, ideas and discussions. And of course, we would like to hear your feedback. So write us, tweet us or use the google+ community! Let us know what you think.

By Sascha | | Posted in UIkit

Comments (8)

  • coreyallen


    | Profile |
    Good stuff
  • adso.de.melk


    | Profile |
    Awesome. Thanks!
  • marcin.drogosz


    | Profile |
    Nice! When but when this update will be include in master theme?
  • herbcyclopedia


    | Profile |
    Great work, indeed I'm missing the regularity on the themes updates, any planned date for that to happen soon?
  • akcreation


    | Profile |
    wonderful! - can't wait for the slideshow - that will complete uikit !
  • pmarty


    | Profile |
    Great, and we really need to use updated templates!
    This is the second upgrade of uikit, but we cannot use all these improvements through your templates, too bad :'(
    Hope it's coming soon!
  • bdthemes


    | Profile |
    Great job, but please add multi-level menu or remove the drop down totally so we can use any 3rd party one.
  • adso.de.melk


    | Profile |
    It's good... but the Scrollspy animations isn't working on IE

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