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UIkit 2.1 released

New notify add-on and further improvements

UIkit 2.1 released

Hello 2014 and welcome UIkit 2.1! We are happy to announce that we just released a new version of our front-end framework. UIkit 2.1 comes with some minor bugfixes and improvements and also with a great new add-on: Notify.

Notify add-on

This add-on allows you to integrate notifications into your website which fade out automatically. It's a nice tool to show info messages. To make them look great on your site, you can choose between several positions and styles. As a special, all messages can contain custom HTML markup. This can be useful, if you want to show messages with icons for example.


We are preparing a showcase on UIkit! If you already built a website with UIkit, we would love to see it. Tweet us a link to your site or comment here on this post! We are especially interested in seeing websites which doesn't look like our themes.

Send us a tweet if you like Uikit 2.1 or just give us some feedback.

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