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Everest Theme

May 2014 YOOtheme club theme

Everest Theme

Check out our May 2014 Theme release! It comes with a wide range of different styles perfectly suited for any kind of travel or business sites. Choose from a fresh transparent look, a clean flat design or a cool dark style.

Everest combines the modern fresh look with a classic boxed layout based on our lightweight front-end framework UIkit. Explore many great designed details and technological features like the datepicker UIkit add-on, beautiful weather icons, fresh typography and cool gradient backgrounds giving the transparent style a unique look. In addition Everest brings a bonus style for the Widgetkit Slideshow, which perfectly fits the theme's design.

Everest is based on Warp 7 and provides full support for LESS. The front-end is completely built with UIkit and can be modified through the Customizer. You can change colors, spacing and fonts without having to write a single line of code. To get you started, Everest already provides 8 different style variations to choose from.

  • Full LESS support
  • Full UIkit integration
  • 8 pre-built style variations available
  • Beautiful off-canvas navigation for mobile devices
  • All Warp framework features are available

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By Pawel | | Posted in Themes

Comments (21)

  • russianblue


    | Profile |
    Brilliant, just the right touch of commercial to be able to use it for a wide range of clients.
  • lucas


    | Profile |
    I loved this theme, and simple, clean and objective

    but I still believe we need a portfolio effect, perhaps in the next
  • christel.rosslee.venter


    | Profile |
    I think its a cool design.

    Would love to know what the process is that YooTheme follow when they decide to develop a new theme ?
  • daniel.schweyckart


    | Profile |
    excellent, I'm happy ;-)
    thanx a lot for your good job !
  • robbert


    | Profile |
    Wow! Great job on this! Also, thanks for including the -moz-osx-font-smoothing on the icons, looks so much better.

    @otaku Have a look at the UIkit website, GetUIkit.com. On the 'Layout Examples' page, you'll see some nice example pages built with UIkit which are easy to implement in your theme. There's also a Portfolio example.
  • coreyallen


    | Profile |
    Looks great. I've got the perfect project for it starting this weekend too.

    Though I dream of a day when YooThemes will support SASS
  • danilo.lutti


    | Profile |
    Reservation function/room search is fake or it works?
    • tobias.m


      | Profile |
      It's just a demo content. You can see what you can make, for example.
  • jakob.gede


    | Profile |
    Realy beautiful!!!
    I love the colours!
  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    Excellent! :)

    One question... The weather icons... they use 'tm' instead of 'uk' for the css class...

    Why not UIkit? are there more 'tm' icons?
  • daescoba


    | Profile |
    Sooooo nice!
  • markus.gruber


    | Profile |
    It's more like a 1.1 version of Avenue theme... nice, but nothing really new except a centered logo ...
  • jacob.rossen


    | Profile |
    Unbelievable boring design and a huge step back in time. Sorry Yootheme, but you have some really good designers and still choose to make templates without any of todays design trends.

    I know it's difficult to keep everybody satisfied though ;-)

  • william.barnes


    | Profile |
    I Agree with - Pretty Colors - more like a 1.1 version of Avenue theme

    positive feedback -
    I do appreciate separation of the Logo from the navigation.
    I do appreciate the toolbar at the top.

    Wish List -

    EASY flexibility to position the search at either the menu or logo line while keeping style intact. Allowing for menu items with longer link names to fill the menu bar and still providing the search feature a top header position.

    Implement the six sample pages from the uikit into your joomla templates. Even if a manner like rocketthemes pages tab in their themes.

    I DO keep waiting for that to happen -

    Best Regards,
  • schmallegger


    | Profile |
    the last few templates were good.. so lets hope this one was the worst for the year - and better ones are in position Juni through December..
    • markus.gruber


      | Profile |
      positive thinking is always good! ;)
  • skyrun


    | Profile |
    great template... anyone out there want to a make a few bucks? i would like to have the 'reservations' form on the right be superimposed on top of a side-to-side image vs. being separated...

    busbud.com (best one... horizontal)

    estimates for contract work, or ideas on how to accomplish would both be welcome...
  • david.welch


    | Profile |
    What is the font used in the Everest logo?

  • pawel


    | Profile |

    The font is called "Squada One"


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