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Nite Theme

June 2014 YOOtheme club theme

Nite Theme

Summer time has already started and we have a brand new theme release for June 2014. Say hello to Nite, a modern widescreen layout combined with flat colors and a lot of features. The theme comes with 4 dark and 4 light styles making it suitable for a broad range of websites.

Nite features some very unique features. We've included the option to add a fullscreen position where you can publish eye-catching content, which will adapt perfectly to your browser window size. Another feature of Nite is the centered logo position inside the navbar. Furthermore you have the option to create a navbar that will stay fixed at the top of the screen and you can animate it on a scroll event. Nearly all theme position renderings can simply be customized in the Warp UI. You can choose from 5 different background colors and 3 various paddings, which make the theme very versatile. In addition to that, the search has its own layout position to save some space in the header area of the layout.

Nite is based on Warp 7 and provides full support for LESS. The front-end is completely built with UIkit and can be modified through the Customizer. You can change colors, spacing and fonts without having to write a single line of code. To get you started, Nite already provides 8 different style variations to choose from.

  • Full LESS support
  • Full UIkit integration
  • 8 pre-built style variations available
  • Beautiful off-canvas navigation for mobile devices
  • All Warp framework features are available

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By Danny | | Posted in Themes

Comments (22)

  • ryan.jones


    | Profile |
    Many Thanks YOOtheme... I like this one :)
  • triangle


    | Profile |
    Great change. Glad to see something like this from you guys!
    • jacob.rossen


      | Profile |
      I agree, it's fresh a something new.
  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    I like the dark and light versions... templates with this option are always more flexible and usable!

    May thanks Yoo!
  • ethistle


    | Profile |
    I love the split menu with the centered logo. Very cool.
  • lucas


    | Profile |
    The center Menu is amazing

    very very work, thanks Yoo team
  • luis.hernan.carrasco.barrera


    | Profile |
    Nice theme, many thanks yooteam!
  • yannis


    | Profile |
    Great work guys!thank you!
  • remy.mulder


    | Profile |
    Love it! Beautiful theme!
  • juergen.huebler


    | Profile |
    I've been waiting some time to see a Theme that brings back this "wow-yoo"-feeling. The Nite-Theme is the first since a long time that has it all again. Thank you very much for that!
  • sean.butterworth


    | Profile |
    That's more like it! Great work Yoo team!
  • largeproductions


    | Profile |
    Very nice!

    Great to see some evolution in the designs :)
  • jakob.gede


    | Profile |
    If I tried to create a design, I know how much work and creativity it takes to complete. I appreciate your work very highly. Thank you for the great Design!
  • richard.bedenham


    | Profile |
    Excellent work, I totally agree with largeproductions "Great to see some evolution in the designs :)"
  • barbara.rinaldi


    | Profile |
    wonderfull a black theme ... tks for this new lovely theme !
  • onyxia2a


    | Profile |
    How to delete background picture of New York in default theme ?? I want to replace it by another picture. Thanks
    • catherine.gross


      | Profile |
      I would love to know how to do this also.
  • blunoa


    | Profile |
    Very nice theme
  • paulgreene


    | Profile |
    Bravo! love this Theme... you are back on track with this one. Would like to see a more sophisticated menu with icons and subcategories with photos etc. Can you show ZOO with this Template?Zoo has fallen way behind with the themes. Thanks!
  • ilias.thomas


    | Profile |
    How can I change fonts without having to write a single line of code???
    • hendrik


      | Profile |
      you can select the fonts in the customizer in the section "Typography"
  • starterfirm


    | Profile |
    Wow, just outstanding. One of reasons why I gave YooTheme a try, after years of using only RocketTheme templates. Other reasons are other YooTheme templates, most of them =) Tank you for your hard work!

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