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What's up, YOOtheme?

Pagekit and our future plans

Pagekit Alpha

More than half of a great year has passed by but there are still exciting times ahead of us! Read on to a get short round up of YOOtheme's work and what's happening next at YOOtheme.

Two weeks ago we finally released the first Alpha version of Pagekit to the public. It is such a big relief after more than 2 years of hard work. Make sure to follow the latest Pagekit news on the offical blog. Just head over and check out the first post about the Pagekit launch. But besides Pagekit, there is more... We are really excited about our other product lines. A lot of major updates are coming.


We are diligently working on Pagekit Alpha 2. A new addition to this version will be a tree page view - a hierarchical view of all the site's pages which helps you to handle your pages easily. The main focus is put on stabilizing the API and improving the UI and workflows. Once there are no more breaking changes to expect, a Beta release is planned for the third quarter of 2014. We hope to make the final version available by the end of the year.

To accompany Pagekit’s launch, we will make our own contributions to the Marketplace. Three flexible themes will be available right away so that Pagekit can be applied to lot of use cases. To make the transition from other CMS as straight-forward as possible, we are also providing a first set of extensions:

Analytics - Yes, we will provide a Google analytics extension with beautiful statistics and charts of your website's activity.

Docs - Since Pagekit’s own documentation is powered by an extension that integrates Markdown based documentation files, we are releasing that extension as well.

Importer - In addition, there will be an extension to import existing content from your Joomla or Wordpress installation.

Widgetkit 2

Right now we are also in the process of developing WIdgetkit 2. This version is based on UIkit and will be available for WordPress, Joomla and Pagekit and can be used platform independently. It has a completely revised user interface. The best thing about it: you can add your own widgets.

UIkit 3

UIkit, our second big open source project next to Pagekit, has been very successful in its current version. Now, we’re bringing it to the next stage. UIkit 3 will come with a new architecture to become even more modular and each component can be used without any conflicts. With the new structure we will also want to provide a SASS port, something many of you have been waiting for. With regard to upcoming features, we are planning on integrating new and popular technologies like Flexbox. We would love to get your feedback and ideas for UIkit 3. Just post them on GitHub.

Warp 8

Yes, we are also working on a new Warp version! There is still a lot of work to do but just to give you a sneak peak what can be expected: Warp 8 is going to have an easier and clearer admin interface, a new underlying framework and like always we will integrate new features.

ZOO 3.2

And finally: ZOO! A great update is coming next week. ZOO 3.2 learns to implement Joomla ACL permission rules and improves its frontend editing for items and comments. You are able to tell ZOO precisely what actions a user may take. From frontend editing to the application configurations, everything will be configurable via ACL. Since ZOO will mostly use Joomla Core Permissions, it’s very easy to inherit your existing rules to ZOO.

We are hiring

Beside all work we have also moved into a new office! Yes! Up until now we’ve been making the office comfortable. When all is done we'll share a post and some pictures with you. With more office space and as we continue to grow we are looking for great developers and designers to join our YOOtheme team full-time in Hamburg, Germany! Get more information about our open positions and get in touch with us.

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Comments (25)

  • swiss


    | Profile |
    Busy people!

    Lots of god news there. Look forward to the beta of Pagekit - haven't had too much time to play with the alpha so expecting great things.

    Hopefully Zoo 3.2. is going to be multi-language from day 1?

  • dinamiweb


    | Profile |
    Wooow! Good news :-)
    We're following you with Pagekit and it's great! Very simple an easy to use.
    Great Job!
  • abacmedia


    | Profile |
    Great news!!

    Long live to Zoo-Widgetkit-Warp!!
  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    Eyebrows have been raised! :)

    Can't wait for Widgetkit 2... I've tried building custom widgets but at the moment they can't be installed independently... seems new widgetkit will allow expansion... I see a new market arising! :)
  • mariolgr


    | Profile |
    Idea: Woocommerce Integration with de best themes of the world.. YOO!
  • stefano.rigazio


    | Profile |
    I hope that in the new Widgetkit images do not go back into the cache because they are not indexed, thanks a lot

  • coreyallen


    | Profile |
    This is all amazingly great news. I have but one quesion:
    Will all current Warp 7 themes be upgraded to Warp 8?
  • lucas


    | Profile |
  • marcin.drogosz


    | Profile |
    Flexbox! Finally! Thank you guys!

    What about future of ZOO for Pagekit?

    I want ZOO 4 for Pagekit with rewritten way of data storage (for more modular queries to DB). All elements in just one table field is great for smaller sites but for bigger projects it's not scalable. Because of too much amount of data called by once, each time.

    When for example create many custom modules that needs just few elements from items, it anyways need call for whole bunch. Call for everything, would be even right if it would be done once 4 all, but every module call for it again and again instead of using it just from once delivered item data content. But modules is just one way where ZOO have bottlenecks.

    ZOO 4 would be GREAT with better DB optimization.

    Go for ZOO four 4 Pagekit! :-)
  • daniel.clements


    | Profile |
    Without a timeline for any of this it is more of a tease than useful information.
    • marcin.drogosz


      | Profile |
      It's better to not tell promises than fail to accomplish them.

      Deadline is not best friend of quality code.
  • sivan


    | Profile |
    Great news! Can't wait to be surprised! You are the best.

    Hope you will have also plans for better support (reduce unanswered questions): it is perhaps your only real flaw.
  • tobias.m


    | Profile |
    Great news and i am looking forward =)
  • bdthemes


    | Profile |
    Amazing news :)
  • martin.richta


    | Profile |
    Nice work. At the zoo components I miss just lock the article with a password. To read the article could only visitor who knows the password. And I can specify a password for each different article.
  • jgowans


    | Profile |
    Like everyone's said, this is great news. I have a running list of things I'd like to see from Yootheme, one of which is to provide theme framework upgrades from version to version. For example, I'm just now moving some clients from Warp 6 to Warp 7... for me, it would be ideal to do this while remaining with the current theme and not have to move to a new theme simply to use the new version of Warp. I am sure that there are reasons that this is not possible (sorry, not a dev), but I will say that it's a bit of a pain... I feel like I'm always having to reinvent client sites and I know they get tired of it. Just my 2 cents.
    • tomteam


      | Profile |
      I agree...
    • adamo


      | Profile |
      i agree too.. but ist just a dream.. i was asking for this when moving from archive themes to warp and than again when moving from warp5 to warp6.. always need to redesign all clients sites as yootheme dont update old themes to the latest joomla versions.. and also they never update old themes to newest warp..
  • schmallegger


    | Profile |
    lots of great stuff - most of it I am waiting for! For the Pipeline an integrated E-commerce Solution for Zoo would be nice as well!
  • yesinternet


    | Profile |
    Great news, especially about ZOO! I really hope multilingual ZOO will be now on the roadmap as well.
  • richard.toth


    | Profile |
    Is there a plan to implement "fly-outs" in the YOOtheme menus?
  • oguz.copel


    | Profile |
    Can't wait for the Widgetkit 2, UIKit 3 and Warp 8. My site is specially runing with Zoo but don't use ACL much. So this version didn't meaned much for me but of course always welcome. Waiting for more options for the Zoo module. Lot of people are searching for a good module and Zoo offers really lot, but it can offer more.
  • hoinielsen


    | Profile |
    Unfortunately no danish web hotel can run this. I've tried both one.com and surftown (biggest host in Denmark) - No one meets the requirement :( Thats too bad I think :(

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