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Recap 2013

Look back with us at this years highlights

Recap 2013 - Look back with us at this years highlights

2013 is almost over and we are looking back on many great experiences. We are very happy with everything we could achieve. Read on to reminisce with us about the past year at YOOtheme and find out what can be expected for 2014.

Our team was joined by new web designers and developers at the beginning of the year, who brought new life and ideas to the YOOtheme company. We all worked hard to delight our community with a beautiful new theme every month that surprises with great new features. It was also a personal commitment for us to contribute to the open source community, creating projects that are freely accessible to everybody.

Warp and UIkit

The first huge milestone this year was the release of Warp 7. Lots of useful suggestions from our community helped us to publish a well conceived framework. We are about to pop out the free Master theme with Warp 7. At the end of July we set our second milestone. Finally we were able to introduce you to our new family member UIkit! After months of nerve and caffeine consuming development we were proud to present our modular and lightweight front-end framework, which is also completely free and MIT licensed. All our recent themes are now based on Warp 7 and UIkit and provide full support for LESS.

A new CMS

A major announcement was made at the beginning of November when we presented our concept page for Pagekit. It's a new content management system built from the ground up with modern technologies like Symfony components and Doctrine. It's still on the anvil but we know it's going to be a great thing!

Talks and fun

Attending the Joomla!Day in Nuremberg and then the World Conference 2013 in Boston were two big highlights for the whole team and gave us inspiration and motivation. We are now closer together than ever and glad to work hand in hand on our next projects to come.

Our themes in 2013

Our themes in 2013

What can be expected for 2014?

Pagekit, our own CMS is coming soon! We are still working hard on the development of an alpha version which will hopefully be released in January. The public release is scheduled for spring. Like usually there will be a new theme release at every start of the month, fully packed with a whole bunch of features.

We can't wait for the new year to come. It's gonna be great!

Happy holidays everyone!

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Comments (9)

  • marcin.drogosz


    | Profile |
    At the beginning it was darkness. Then comes Sasha and came light :)

    Great, great team!
    It's interesting how YOO team grow up over all those years and hit the stars!
  • yannis


    | Profile |
    nothing for zoo??
    • morgan.gustafsson


      | Profile |
      Superior work! Only thing missing is Zoo. But as hinted somewhere on this site, Pagekit will be like a Zoo CMS :-) Please correct me if I'm wrong so I can go hide in a corner and cry in my solitude...
  • adamo


    | Profile |
    hm.. new own cms is nice idea but we are paying for joomla/wp products.. i hope this project dont take time from your core business.. there are many things we are waiting from you.. more creativity in themes, including 3rd extensions, finaly zoo upgrade, ecommerce solution?, implementing joomla 3.2 functions (login authentification, frontend menu and module edit), all updates directly from backend, etc..
  • david.dahl


    | Profile |
    Is PageKit going to replace ZOO? Also, will there be a new subscription needed for the PageKit Themes?
    • morgan.gustafsson


      | Profile |
      Pagekit will use Warp so all templates will work on wordpress, joomla and pagekit. Cool :-)

      Pagekit will not replace zoo. I guess that pagekit will come with something like zoo built into the cms.
  • frank.aucoin


    | Profile |
    I can't wait to try Pagekit!

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