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JoomlaDay Germany 2014

We joined the conference in Cologne and gave insights about Warp and UIkit.

JoomlaDay Germany 2014

Almost two weeks ago part of the YOOtheme team attended the JoomlaDay in Cologne - a great event. We met old friends, joined interesting talks and had the opportunity to hold two workshops ourselves. Although we could only be there for one day we had much fun and enjoyed showing Warp and UIkit to the community. Our Warp session (held in German) is available through the Jandbeyond Youtube channel. Unfortunately our second session won’t be available because of technical and acoustical problems.

Warp 7

The first workshop was held by our web designer Danny Knaack and our developer Hendrik Behncke. They gave an insight into Warp and showed how to work with the Customizer and LESS technology in YOOtheme themes. They explained custom module position and overrides in a Warp Theme. Luckily we had time for some questions as the audience was eager to learn more about Warp, its past and the future. We are really excited to tell you that we are already working on the next Warp framework generation and that all Warp 7 themes will also work with the newest framework release.


In the second workshop our web designer Anne Moeller and our developer Florian Letsch talked about UIkit and gave an overview of what advantages a CSS framework can hold for your daily life as a designer and developer. In an interactive coding session they developed a simple responsive layout from scratch, showing some of UIkit’s basic and more advanced features.

Finally we want to thank all organizers and attendees who made this event so enjoyable. Your passion and feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave us your comment and feedback here.

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  • joerg


    | Profile |
    Too bad the second workshop is missing, since UIKIT is what makes yoo.themes very valuable
  • robbert


    | Profile |
    Very helpful video, thanks for posting!
  • schmallegger


    | Profile |
    great video.. thanks for that!
  • tomteam


    | Profile |
    I enioyed both workshop. It was nice to get to know some of you personally. :-)

    I regret too, that the UIKit workshop isn't online on youtube. It was very helpfull.

    Regards Tom

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