UIkit 2.12 – New slideshow, different animations and more

UIkit 2.12 – New slideshow, different animations and more

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As we come nearer to the holiday season, we have yet another UIkit update for you in store. UIkit 2.12 comes with two new components, some useful additions to existing ones and a couple of bugfixes. The Slideshow and Caption are the first of many new JavaScript components that we will introduce in the future and which will be part of Widgetkit 2.

Slideshow component

UIkit now features a new Slideshow component that allows you to create fullscreen image and video slideshows. It comes with 12 eye-catching transition effects to impress your visitors with stunning animations. We made the Slideshow very flexible so you can use the Slidenav and Dotnav or any other UIkit component to navigate through the different slides. It supports touch gestures for mobile devices to provide great usability. And of course, it is completely responsive and adapts perfectly to all device resolutions.

Toggle and Switcher animations

The Switcher and Toggle now both support animations to transition through different contents more elegantly. You can apply single or multiple animations, which will work on in and out events. This makes especially the Switcher a nice option to animate content similarly to the Slideshow.

Caption component

As another addition, UIkit now comes with a Caption component. Add captions to elements, like images or slideshows, and apply optional backgrounds, different alignments and animations. This makes the uk-overlay-caption class from the Overlay component redundant, so that it is now deprecated.

Flex component

Early on we announced that the Flex component would be extended with more features. We have added a number of classes that apply the full power of Flexbox. Now the component not only allows you to align items, but to control size, order and the space around them. Combined with the Grid this component enables you to create complex and flexible layouts.

What’s next

All these innovations are steps towards Widgetkit 2, which we are working on diligently. And the next few updates will bring even more useful additions. So stay tuned and let us know what you think while we get back to thinking up new cool features for you.


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