UIkit 2.7 – New sortable, pagination, form-select and more

UIkit 2.7 – New sortable, pagination, form-select and more

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UIkit has been on the road for a while and though we are pleased with the way it has turned out so far, we are constantly tweaking and improving it in order to remain on top of the newest web developments. Today we are happy to announce the long expected UIkit release. It took a while but the time has been well spent. For starters, we squashed quite a few bugs. There was some code refactoring, add-ons have been renamed and some new ones were added.


We added a showcase to the UIkit website. It is a fine collection of websites and themes built with the UIkit framework. Have you created something awesome with UIkit? Just let us know! We would love to share your work with the UIkit community. Please keep in mind we only publish high quality and beautiful work which stand out form the crowd. We’re looking forward to seeing your designs!

Breaking changes

Some major changes were made that might require you to review your code when applying the update. We renamed a few add-ons, so the name fits better to their functionality. Markdown area is now HTML editor and Sortable is now called Nestable. Please make sure that you update your code if you're using one of these add-ons.

Sortable add-on

As we mentioned before, the old Sortable is now called Nestable, because the main intention for the add-on is to build hierarchic nested lists. To sort any kind of simple list, we recommend our new add-on addition: Sortable. Whether it is a grid based list or stacked list that you want to reorder, the Sortable add-on will handle this for you.

Form add-ons

The new Form-select add-on is great for building custom looking select form elements. Don't feel limited anymore in how the appearance of a select box fits into your design. Form-advanced provides a nicer look for radio and checkbox elements.

Pagination add-on

Have you ever needed a JavaScript based pagination for e.g. Ajax results? Look no further, this add-on is made for situations like these: dynamic paginations.

Core Improvements

UIkit comes with a polyfill for the Promise object. Don't worry about Browser support for Promise as long as you include uikit.js. We also refactored the structure of UIkit JS components. UIkit has now a unified API to create its JS components. This has some benefits. Each component can be extended with plugins without the need to create a new component, if you need some extra functionality. Every component also has an event system integrated. Bind and trigger events directly on an object. This is great for the mentioned plugin system. If you've made your own add-ons in the past, we think you won't regret the time spent on investigating the JavaScript sources, especially component.js.

UIkit 3.0

We are very happy with this new release and hope that you will be too. As always we would be glad to hear your feedback and opinions. Also, make sure to check out our expanding Google+ community, where users and developers meet to discuss and exchange ideas and will help to solve problems or answer questions.

So what's next? Yes, it is UIkit 3.0 :-) We are currently rethinking the UIkit architecture and cooking up some nice ideas for the next major version. We would love to get your feedback. What kind of features are missing and what should be next for UIkit. We know many of you would love to see SASS support ;-)


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