UIkit 2.25 – New Grid Parallax component

UIkit 2.25 – New Grid Parallax component

  • Olivia
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UIkit's first release in 2016 comes with a nice new component: the Grid Parallax. But before we look at this new component, we want to express our appreciation for all contributors of UIkit. More than 6000 stargazers on GitHub is a number that gives a glimpse at your enormous support. Thanks to everyone for giving feedback and suggestions on how to enhance UIkit.

Grid Parallax

The simple parallax effect creates a movement on a website when scrolling the document. With the new grid parallax component you can now animate several properties so that certain elements will move as in same time others will stay in position. See it in action here.

What else?

Next to the new grid parallax component, the new UIkit version includes several improvements and bugfixes. For a full list, have a look at the changelog. Leave your feedback in the comments and join us in the UIkit Gitter chat, we would love to hear what you think!


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