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Luna Theme

August 2016 YOOtheme club theme


This August's theme release is a special one for us. Luna comes with a vibrant, colorful design that doesn't need big images to impress. The typographic teaser makes a grand opening, while four custom Widgetkit plugins help you to bring out your content. In addition, Luna's styles are extra sophisticated, including beautiful background effects. Each one was crafted with loving detail, essentially making them mini themes themselves.

We have a big announcement for you guys. Luna will be the last Warp 7 release and some major changes are coming. But more about that later.


Luna theme comes with four custom plugins for Widgetkit 2, our smart tool set for content creation: a Gallery, List, Slideshow and a Grid widget, plus a modifier class for the default Grid widget.


The custom Gallery widget uses tags not only to filter items, but places them inside a list below the title. This works perfectly in all overlays and panel styles. The default gallery options are still available.

Luna widget Gallery


This List widget allows you to arrange content in a layout that is similar to a description list. Items can be separated with borders, backgrounds or just space. Additionally, you can add a subtitle below the title of each item, by adding information to the Subtitle field of the Settings tab in the widget administration.

Luna widget List


Luna theme comes with a Slideshow widget that is great for displaying short information, like quotes or testimonials. Media items are placed inside a circle on top of the panel, like an avatar. You can also add a Watermark through the custom field in the Settings tab.

Luna widget Slideshow


This Grid widget places a check icon in the top-left corner of each item. On hover, a panel background appears and a different style is applied to the icon. Note that this widget does not support media items.

Luna widget Grid

In addition to the custom Grid, we provide the modifier class .tm-grid-button, which you can add to a regular Grid widget. A spinning arrow button will then appear when hovering grid items.

Luna widget Grid Button


This theme comes with unusually versatile styles that include different textures, gradients, shadows and filled as well as outlined UI elements. Another thing that makes these styles unique are the background animations that we've added. There are fireflies, particles and different geometric forms that float with a parallax effect when you move the cursor. You can select each of these backgrounds in the Layouts section of the Warp administration and they adapt to all styles (except for the fireflies, which naturally, you can only see in the dark).

Luna Navbar


Luna theme includes three different layouts for the main navigation. It can be stacked with the logo above the centered menu, so that there's plenty of space for big logos. But you can also apply a single line, left aligned navigation or even place the logo in the middle of the centered menu. The items will be distributed equally on both sides.

The navbar also comes with a sticky option, so that it remains fixed at the top of the browser window when you scroll the page. Additionally, there's an option to turn the navbar transparent and place it on top of the content. This looks great on all section backgrounds. If sticky mode is enabled, its background color will be applied again to the navbar upon scrolling.

Luna Navbar


Apart from a custom blog style and a number of appearance options for each position, Luna theme comes with the Smoothscroll position where you can add a dotted navigation to scroll through long pages. We've also added a bunch of custom classes to help you style your content. For example, you can see a fancy typographic teaser on the frontpage of the demo, which is easily replicated.

Luna Teaser

Check out the Theme page for instructions and full list of the features and custom classes of Luna theme.

  • Different background animations
  • 4 custom widgets and a modifier class
  • 3 main navigation layouts and sticky option
  • Custom blog layout
  • Demo pages built with Widgetkit 2
  • Full UIkit components styling
  • 6 sophisticated style variations
  • Easy customizer and LESS integration
  • WooCommerce support

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

Farewell Warp 7

The time has come after three years and 38 themes to part from Warp 7. We've spent the past six months working on its successor and are happy to announce that it won't be long now. We are even more excited to announce that this one isn't "just" going to be Warp 8. It will be a completely new theme framework, including new versions of both Widgetkit and UIkit. We think in one word, it will be GROUNDBREAKING :-) In order to be able to take on the enormous workload that comes along with this project, we decided not to release a new theme next month. This is the first time in the entire history of our company, which has produced 116 themes (not counting legendary Mega theme) that we skip a month and we hope for your understanding that we want to concentrate all our energies on this new generation of themes. We can assure you that it will be worth the wait. So buckle up!

During the next months we're going to release weekly blog posts that will disclose some of the features our new theme framework will have to offer. So keep your eyes on our blog. If you have any feature requests, we would also like to encourage you to post them here in the comments. These are exciting times for us!

By Franziska | | Posted in Themes

Comments (42)

  • appsolutions


    | Profile |
    Cannot wait to see this.
  • akcreation


    | Profile |
    VERY excited to see the new Warp / Widgetkit / uiKit. And I totally understand regarding missing next months theme - I for one would much rather see Warp 8 released quicker. I look forward to reading the upcoming blog posts and getting even MORE excited at what is to come.

    My main hope is that I will be able to easily update my warp 7 themes to the new warp 8 (and widgetkit / uikit too). If you can make that happen then I will be very happy. Thanks for your hard work :)
  • martinahovi


    | Profile |
    What a nice change. Seems like someone listened ... not all customers have great images or the potential for great stock images. So I am very greatfull for this one :-)
  • roojai


    | Profile |
    Great job! I will use it for my own site immediately.

    Just a quick note, the animations are not "on" in the quickstart package. I fixed this pretty quick but thought it might be good to highlight this as some people might expect that :)
  • markusb


    | Profile |
    Great to hear that. Afterwards I really hope you put as much energy and motivation in ZOO.
    • akcreation


      | Profile |
      +1 for that.
      However I think the main development going forward for Zoo will be with Zoolanders - I don't know this for sure, but it's certainly the impression I get :)
    • florin


      | Profile |
    • viktor.horst.17


      | Profile |
  • 56rr


    | Profile |
    Nice new template thanks!

    This is a Warp 8 / Widgetkit feature request Warp 7 and others have a place in the template manager to add additional code.

    I usually place Social sharing code here... but this only work template wide. It would be awesome if in Warp 8 or you guys could find a way to add control for FB open graphs tags to article pages.

    Most social sharing plugins cannot show the images when sharing without having the open graph code placed in the head of the articles.

    Perhaps with the widget kit tab in the articles? Open graph widget?

    (actually if would be great if joomla articles did this)

    Best regards and thanks for the great templates!
  • evolution


    | Profile |
    Luna is a work of art - really beautiful. I intend to use this right away.
  • joshgilson


    | Profile |
    YooGuys! This theme is stunning! My mouth literally dropped when I saw it with the ocean theme. What a great theme to end Warp 7 with. It's truly amazing and beautiful.

    Looking forward to Warp 8 and all that goodness only YooTheme does right! It you need a beta tester I volunteer as tribute. ;)
  • andre.dreier


    | Profile |
    please concentrate on warp8, new uikit and widgetkit.
    we have so many different themes

    i hope we can see the new warp system in september or october.
  • laurens.hayton


    | Profile |
    Hi,I don't mean to be a pain,but I paid for a 3 month subscription thinking that I would get 3 new templates as well as the old ones,I'm only going to get 2.I understand that you want to get on with the new system,but to just announce that you won't be releasing a template next month isn't really fair to those who paid without knowing that.How about extending people's subscriptions for a month for free,that would be a nice gesture.
    • studiograficod2


      | Profile |
      You are right!
    • ryan.jones


      | Profile |
      I agree... Right now I have 84 days remaining on my subscription. Skipping a month's release will cut right off the top of this.
      • dene.wilby


        | Profile |
        49 euros is a measly amount for the wealth of resources you get on this website, not just the monthly themes.

        YooTheme do a tremendous job and I, for one, cannot wait for Warp8
        • rick.kasparek


          | Profile |
          Agreed. for what we pay, I think the engineering that goes into these products is phenomenal! I'm certainly willing to skip a theme for a bright shiny new package! Great work YOOfolks!
  • swissa


    | Profile |
    Look forward to seeing the new frameworks and widgetkit. Will be interesting to see what made it into production from the wish-lists that everyone posted.

    Any chance of making the documentation at a similar level (clear, precise, detailed) to what is posted @ getuikit.com? Would cut down on the support questions....

    If you need any beta testers, feel free to drop me a line!
  • marco.mohaded


    | Profile |
    Everybody aboard the hype train...
  • akcreation


    | Profile |
    I would also be happy to beta test any of the above :)
  • gee2803


    | Profile |
    Can't wait for Warp 8. Which themes will be updated? Please let us also use Warp 8 with a couple "older" themes.
    • maggus86


      | Profile |
      I'm also looking forward to working with the new warp framework :D

      If I had a wish I would like to use some of the latest themes (luna, monday, uniq) with the new warp framework ;)
  • schmallegger


    | Profile |
    sounds good to me. one question -> i am about to start a new project. nice i am always looking for the best and easiest solution for my client i want to ask if Upgrad from 7 to 8 will be possible - same question i would like ask for the new Widgetkit?
  • benjamin.lindgreen


    | Profile |
    It would be great if you could add RSS feeds as a content source in widgetkit 3
    • henning.bokelmann


      | Profile |
      you can do that already in WK2 ...
  • questbrinn


    | Profile |
    It seems like a lot of people have asked and I am also very curious if the "new framework" will support Warp 7 themes?
    • schmallegger


      | Profile |
      may be you get an answer...the rest of us did not get any infos... not about Warp7-Warp8 upgrade, not about Widgetkit2 - Widgetkit3 upgrade...
  • sebastian.freitag


    | Profile |
    Quick question: Is it possible to change the geometrical graphics in the background animation to lets say a png?
  • akcreation


    | Profile |
    FEATURE REQUEST: Please can we have it so that Widgetkit 3 has pagination for grids / dynamic grids that are linked to Joomla Articles / Zoo etc etc to allow us to control how many panels are displayed on each page.
    Also please can we have the ability to truncate Titles and Content fields on ALL widgets
    Thanks guys :)
  • studioz2


    | Profile |
    Re: "During the next months we're going to release weekly blog posts that will disclose some of the features our new theme framework will have to offer. So keep your eyes on our blog." – weren't those blog posts supposed to start this month ? Any info about those news?
  • kennst


    | Profile |
    Feature request for Warp 8.
    Update through the core Joomla Updater.
    Changelogs available in Joomla administration. (also for widgetkit)
    Favicon support for each style. So it doesn't need to be updated after each template update/upgrade.
    • stefan.bauer.63


      | Profile |
    • wolkenfutter.de


      | Profile |
    • gianluca.celentano


      | Profile |
      I agree.
    • genr8r


      | Profile |
      core updates and retaining favicons. YES! I know you can simply overwrite the WARP folder to update but I don't want to have to crack open my IDE to just update a template framework.
  • miloef


    | Profile |
  • miloef


    | Profile |
    Can't wait do get some information about the new Warp8 Framework. When do you think, you are ready to start with the weekly news here in the blog?
  • globalawakening


    | Profile |
    My goodness. You guys, this is beautiful. Excellent design work!

    The use of widths, typography size & style choices, and the various color schemes are not just usable, but they're truly beautifully designed. Really top notch work here.

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