Announcing UIkit 3 – Beta phase coming soon

Announcing UIkit 3 – Beta phase coming soon

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We're very proud to announce the next big leap for our beloved front-end framework: UIkit 3! The development started 8 months ago in January and since then we are working continuously on it. It's a complete overhaul of the entire framework. Compared to UIkit 2, where we've added more and more features with the latest releases, the focus of UIkit 3 is on rewriting and optimizing the code base. UIkit 3 will be smarter, faster, leaner and even more powerful.


Like with all major releases, this will come with breaking changes. The good news is, we've got you covered! UIkit 3 will ship with a migration JavaScript, which will help you to migrate your existing website or app easily. Once loaded on a page with UIkit 2 markup it will show you everything you need to update and guide you through it step by step till everything works.

Beta Phase

We plan to release a developer preview of UIkit 3 with a long Beta phase later this fall, where we would love to get your feedback and ironed out any bugs left.

Check out our new UIkit 3 page where you can sign up for news about the UIkit Beta and stay up to date about the progress of the development. We are also starting to tweet UIkit 3 sneak peeks during the next couple of weeks. So follow us on Twitter. UIkit 3 Page


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