YOOtheme Pro – Taking website creation to the next level

YOOtheme Pro – Taking website creation to the next level

We are thrilled to announce YOOtheme Pro – our next generation of themes. On October 10, we are going to launch a completely new, groundbreaking website builder that will revolutionize the way you work.

So far, we've been working on the new website builder about for 8 months. We took into account all the feedback you gave us in the Warp 8 wish list thread in our support center. Right now, we are working full blast on getting everything ready. This huge undertaking requires our entire workforce. So first, we'd like to thank you for the support we have received after our blog post on Luna theme. The overall reactions have been very positive despite the fact that we will have to skip one month's theme release. But we are convinced that you will not be disappointed.

Today we're going give you a short introduction of the four major features coming with this new era of YOOtheme Pro themes.


Due to the evolution of the Warp framework and its structure it can be hard for beginners to get started. Most people are used to Joomla or WordPress, so that the environment of Warp feels completely new and has to be learned first. For some, the learning curve can be a bit discouraging. With the new framework, Joomla and WordPress users will feel right at home.

1-Click Updates

A very demanded feature is the implementation of 1-click updates. Due to the architecture of Warp this is currently not possible without overwriting some customizations and settings that you may have made within the theme. Also, you can’t really customize every aspect of a theme (though it is pretty close). Our new framework will be 100% customizable and support native 1-click updates for Joomla and WordPress.

Website Builder

The Warp customizer was a great start to modify your theme's look without having to write CSS. But now we take it even further with our new, revolutionary website builder which is the heart of your website administration. It allows you to manage theme settings, customize the style, layout your pages and also to manage modules and menus. The built-in real-time preview stops you from bothering your browser's refresh button.

Page Builder

Creating content for your website can be a tedious task and coding all the markup takes a lot of time. This is going to change with our new page builder. It lets you create pages instantly without having to code. You can start with predefined layouts and customize them to your needs with simple drag and drop. This will be a huge time saver and allows you to create an entire website within hours. And the best part is, you will have perfect markup which can be updated with the theme.

What about Warp and Widgetkit?

The Warp theme framework was introduced 7 years ago, in summer 2009. Since then, every major release was a natural evolution coming with new features and improvements.

This time it’s different. Our YOOtheme Pro website builder and its themes are based on a completely new framework, which also integrates the features of Widgetkit 2. Therefore, it is the successor of both, Warp and Widgetkit. It will be based on UIkit 3, whose release we just announced this week.

Unfortunately, this means that it will be impossible to upgrade older themes to the new system. Don't worry, there is absolutely no need to upgrade your already running website. Warp 7 theme support is not going to end any time soon.

What’s next?

Here is a short list to sum the four major features up:

  • For Joomla and WordPress developers it will be very easy to get started
  • Themes will be 100% customizable and support native 1-click updates
  • The website builder is the all-in-one tool to create your website
  • The page builder lets you create content pages within minutes

Until the release on October 10, we will continue to publish blog posts containing further details on these four major features. We are really excited about our new YOOtheme Pro themes and hope you are too! Stay tuned...

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