YOOtheme Pro – Introducing our new all-in-one website builder

After almost one year of development we are incredibly proud to release YOOtheme Pro for Joomla today. It is the biggest step for us since the founding of YOOtheme, and it will bring a new era that merges our products into a single, groundbreaking toolkit for creating web experiences: The website builder. It will revolutionize the way you work and lets you create beautiful websites in no time - without the need to write a line of code.

YOOtheme Pro in detail

The new website builder is the heart of YOOtheme Pro and your most important tool. It allows you to customize and manage pretty much every aspect of your website and to build entire pages with modular building blocks, called elements. You can edit Joomla content, like menus and modules, without leaving the YOOtheme Pro administration. All this happens in a real-time preview, so that you can see changes that you make immediately.

To give you an overview of all the new YOOtheme Pro features, we've launched a brand new landing page. Check it out!

YOOtheme Pro website

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Fuse — A new website, new possibilities

With YOOtheme Pro we also rethought our theme creation process. Instead of our previous, monolithic theme releases, we move to a new system of modular and evolving websites. So, today we are thrilled to present our first website based on YOOtheme Pro: Fuse! It introduces the new default theme, the first style called Minimal and 8 different page layouts - all wrapped in elegant, web agency themed demo content.

YOOtheme Pro - Fuse website

The default YOOtheme Pro theme is sporting a classical widescreen layout and is stuffed with features, like different header layouts, a special mobile header and many options to create unique top and bottom sections. The first available style has a minimalistic and modern look. It's light, elegant and focused on typographical details. The topic of the website serves as a perfect basis for any agency or portfolio website and comes with 8 prebuilt layouts: Frontpage, Portfolio, Services, About, FAQ, Case Study, Careers and Press.

  • Default YOOtheme Pro Theme
  • 1 Style called Minimal
  • 8 Layouts for different page types
  • Web agency and business topic

Same release cycle, new concept

So what does YOOtheme Pro mean for you and your subscription?

The basic principle remains the same. At the beginning of each month a new Website, like Fuse, will be released. It bundles the theme itself and its features, styles for a different look, pages with different layouts and demo content for a specific topic. Thanks to the modular structure of YOOtheme Pro, it will be easy to transform one website into various creations. With this concept, we are able to offer you more possibilities than ever before.

The best thing is, all websites will be updated continuously. This means that we will keep adding new features, styles, layouts and topics to each release. This is amazing, because each website is part of an evolving ecosystem and will continue to grow and evolve along with it.

We still have lots of ideas for the YOOtheme Pro website builder, which we will add step by step, aiming for monthly feature releases. You can expect YOOtheme 1.1 by November, 1.2 by December and so on.

Meanwhile, you don't have to worry. There is no need to upgrade your existing subscription. All members have immediate access to YOOtheme Pro including all new features. Basically nothing is going to change for you — except the product, which is way better than before.

What about Warp and Widgetkit?

The YOOtheme Pro website builder and its themes are based on a completely new framework. You can consider it the successor of Warp and Widgetkit, since it combines the features of both — which is great. Unfortunately, this also means that it will be impossible to upgrade older themes to the new system. But there is absolutely no need to upgrade your already running website. There are no plans to end Warp 7 theme support any time soon.

Note, if you are using Widgetkit 2 or ZOO, you will also need to update the extensions to the latest version.

Hello, Pro

Please remember: This is the first release of a completely new system, and we are working on constant improvements. So, if you find any bugs, please report them in the support center, and we will fix them right away. Our current focus is on making YOOtheme Pro available for WordPress, with Pagekit following.

Now go on, explore!

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UPDATE: WordPress Members

We understand that it is hard for our WordPress users to wait for YOOtheme Pro. Therefore, we are giving access to the Joomla version to all WordPress members, as well. That way you can already play around and give it a try. We are working hard on getting the WordPress version ready as soon as possible. There's still a large amount of work to be done, but we intend to release YOOtheme Pro for WordPress in November.


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