Widgetkit 2.8 – WYSIWYG editor support and more

Today we got great news for you. We've updated Widgetkit to 2.8 including many bug fixes and some highly requested features.

What you see is what you get

Content editing in Widgetkit becomes more comfortable now if you are used to WYSIWYG editors to manage your content. Widgetkit supports now your systems WYSIWYG editor as long it is TinyMCE based. Widgetkit supports the default Joomla and Wordpress TinyMCE editor and the also the TinyMCE based JCE editor (Joomla). Just navigate to the Widgetkit settings and enable the visual editor for Widgetkit content fields setting. This will simplify creating sites especially for users who are not comfortable with writing HTML code.

Clear Widgetkit cache

One of the awesome features of Widgetkit is the thumbnail generation of image files to save bandwidth and improve page-load experience on the client side. But over time the thumbnail cache folder grows and can take a size you start to feel uncomfortable with. With the recent release of Widgetkit you're able to free your webspace with a click of a button. Just go to the Widgetkit settings and push the "Clear Cache" button.

Language filter option (Joomla)

Do you manage a multilanguage site and always wanted to create widgets based on Joomla articles but filtered by a specific language. Well, now you can! We've added a language filter option to the Joomla content provider which enables you to accomplish exactly this task.

Another often requested feature, which we introduce in this release. Now available and ready to use.

Disable parsing shortcodes

By default when using the custom content provider, all shortcodes in the content field were parsed automatically. This is in general a great behaviour and provides more flexibility by utilizing the shortcodes functionality. But this comes with a cost: performance. The content field is always parsed whether shortcodes are used or not. Most of the time you won't notice any performance issues but we've received some requests to make it optional. Now it is up to you. Enable or disable this behavior for each widget in the content provider settings.

Besides this additions, the update comes of course with bug fixes and an updated UIkit version.

Check out today's additions to Widgetkit 2. Go, build something cool.


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