Widgetkit 2.5 – Introducing some new impressive widgets

Today we are proud to announce Widgetkit 2.5! It is a huge update with 4 completely new widgets: The Popover widget, the Switcher Panel, Slideshow Panel and List widget. Also, the Gallery widget got a big update. There is now a new slideshow lightbox modus.


The Popover widget enables you to place items as toggleable dropdowns on top of a main image. You can position each item through coordinates wherever you need it. This is useful, if you want to point out particular places on a map or just to demonstrate special features of a product.

Widgetkit 2.5 Popover

Joomla Demo

Switcher Panel

The Switcher Panel displays a static teaser image inside a panel. A navigation transitions through the switcher items. You can choose between different navigation positions and styles and align media left, right, above or below the content.

Widgetkit 2.5 Switcher Panel

Joomla Demo

Slideshow Panel

The Slideshow Panel publishes images in a slideshow and the item’s content inside a panel instead of an overlay. All options from the regular slideshow are still available, while the content can be displayed in different positions around the slideshow.

Widgetkit 2.5 Slideshow Panel

Joomla Demo


The List widget is simple but useful for displaying content inside a list. You can also add images and select different styles and positions.

Widgetkit 2.5 List

Joomla Demo

Our Gallery widget offers a new lightbox type. The slideshow lightbox creates a fullscreen modal and presents your image and content side by side. Using custom fields you can display a second image instead of an enlarged version, as well as additional content inside the lightbox.

Widgetkit 2.5 Gallery Updated

Joomla Demo

We are excited about our new widgets and hope you‘ll like them. Have fun testing them out and feel free to leave a comment and your feedback below.


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