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Widgetkit 2.5 released

New Popover, Slideshow Panel, Switcher Panel and List widgets

Widgetkit 2.5 released

Today we are proud to announce Widgetkit 2.5! It is a huge update with 4 completely new widgets: The Popover widget, the Switcher Panel, Slideshow Panel and List widget. Also the Gallery widget got a big update. There is now a new slideshow lightbox modus.


The Popover widget enables you to place items as toggleable dropdowns on top of a main image. You can position each item through coordinates wherever you need it. This is useful, if you want to point out particular places on a map or just to demonstrate special features of a product.

Widgetkit 2.5 Popover

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

Switcher Panel

The Switcher Panel displays a static teaser image inside a panel. A navigation transitions through the switcher items. You can choose between different navigation positions and styles and align media left, right, above or below the content.

Widgetkit 2.5 Switcher Panel

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

Slideshow Panel

The Slideshow Panel publishes images in a slideshow and the item’s content inside a panel instead of an overlay. All options from the regular slideshow are still available, while the content can be displayed in different positions around the slideshow.

Widgetkit 2.5 Slideshow Panel

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo


The List widget is simple but useful for displaying content inside a list. You can also add images and select different styles and positions.

Widgetkit 2.5 List

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

Gallery Lightbox

Our Gallery widget offers a new lightbox type. The slideshow lightbox creates a fullscreen modal and presents your image and content side by side. Using custom fields you can display a second image instead of an enlarged version, as well as additional content inside the lightbox.

Widgetkit 2.5 Gallery Updated

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo

We are excited about our new widgets and hope you‘ll like them. Have fun testing them out and feel free to leave a comment and your feedback below.

By Lisanne | | Posted in Widgetkit

Comments (51)

  • oguz.copel


    | Profile |
    I loveeee itt!! Widgetkit is doing good. Really, thanks YooTheme!
  • stefan.bauer.63


    | Profile |
    great! I love the new widgets, especially the list-widget!
    will you update uikit-version in widgetkit to 2.24 soon?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      It's already on the latest UIkit version. All themes are updated, too.
  • piotr.wegrzyn


    | Profile |
    Finally we have widgets form Uniq and Sun themes available globally. Thanks Yootheme team :)
  • ai.dijon


    | Profile |
    Nice ... big thx
  • mark.scott.10


    | Profile |
    Well done YooTeam. I think your focus on widgetkti and keeping it moving with these presbuilt examples of uikit are really helpful and really help inspire us.

    Can I be naughty and ask if we could see a little more work done on zoo themes and layouts and some updating of the core zoo as it really is such an excellent CDK and I wish you would bring in more of the zoolanders work into the core!
  • punchdrunklove


    | Profile |
    good good
  • agpsuser


    | Profile |
    Good news!!!
  • alistair2802


    | Profile |
    Great new features Yoo! Well done.

    Is there likely to be a return of the Twitter Widget - was hoping that would be in the next update.
  • peter.daalmeer


    | Profile |
    What i surprise! Looks real nice and useful!
  • amzen


    | Profile |
    As usual, a very good job. You improve the very nice effects we can do. Thank you !
    I would not go back, but there is only one thing that I regret in the former widgetkit 1.5.6 is the Gallery + slider effect. If you have the idea to make it come back ... I vote for it. (a topic for the feature request)
    • pawe.mizera


      | Profile |
      I agree... GALLERY + SLIDER EFFECT (an image slider where the image centers automatically during the effect) was soo beautiful and useful in Widgetkit 1, why there isn't it in Widgetkit 2? First you should keep all old widgets, the new ones should be after that. It's a logic way I think and missing old widgets is very bad, new widgets are also very useful but... it shouldn't be instead. Give it back for us, please, I think it's not very difficult if it was possible in old wersion Widgekit... Please think about it. Thanks and it's a really good work with new widgets!
  • quartermaster


    | Profile |
    Have you finally added random ordering to the slideshow and slideset yet???
  • yannis


    | Profile |
    Great work guys!! Now could you have another surprise for us for xmas that is Zoo related?
  • trench


    | Profile |
    Great work guys, keep it up!
  • tannreiser


    | Profile |
    Tusen takk. This is great. Love it.
    And for the future? Please give us all the Theme bonus styles in one download.
  • geeksonthebeach


    | Profile |
    Good stuff. Any chance of seeing a "Collapsing Header Effect" parallax widget?

    Examples: https://themify.me/demo/themes/parallax/ or http://themes.webcreations907.com/ninezeroseven/option-two/

    It's simple, effective and I would love to see it in the Widgetkit toolbox.
  • maico.boumans


    | Profile |
    Good job! Especially the popover is exactly what I can use since this gives you the opportunity to make images more or less interactive.
  • bart.jan


    | Profile |
  • infosys


    | Profile |
    Does widgetkit for Joomla still loads Javascript regardless of the page has or needed widgetkit? Well, my experience with it was with version 1.x and it does load javascripts in any pages regardless it's needed or not. That just add a load time.
    • silke.menne


      | Profile |
      I would like to know that, too.
  • anna.robinson


    | Profile |
    Looks fantastic! Thank you :-)
  • geeksonthebeach


    | Profile |
    Widgetkit 2.5 doesn't seem to have Zoo as a content source. Bug, something I'm missing or is Zoo yet to be added?
    • joelm


      | Profile |
      You need to install ZOO then enable the plugin 'System - Widgetkit ZOO' for the option to be visible
  • jmorais


    | Profile |
    Great work.
    In Popover widget, it would be very interesting that the coordinates could be introduced as the maps widget: dragging the marker over the image.
    I have pictures where I need tens markers ...
    It would be much more efficient.
  • vestland12


    | Profile |
    Very nice!!
  • marste


    | Profile |
    What about video gallery from youtube or vimeo video?
  • snowpeak


    | Profile |
    Hi guys, great job, We use Widgetkit 2 on all sites we building.... BUT!!!!
    I still missing the Random option in slideshows e.t.c when you choose custom, now I must build a Zoo app to get the random play option, extremely annoying...

    Best regards
  • peter.leslie


    | Profile |
    looks amazing, you do great work Yootheme, can't wait to test it out
  • site123.ca


    | Profile |
    Incredible as always. Great Job. Will we ever see pagination or "more" button or "lazy loading"? This is pretty much the only thing from keeping me from using Widgetkit a whole lot more. I'm sure many fellow users would agree.
    • viktor.horst.17


      | Profile |
      Pagination on the grid widget would be very nice
  • abombazza


    | Profile |
    In joomla is there a simple upgrade from widgetkit version 2 to 2.5 ?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Yes, just use the 1-Click update through the Joomla administration.
      • martyn


        | Profile |
        There is no update for widgetkit shown. Just checked NOW (Fr. 17:42).
        • sascha


          | Profile |
          The 1-click update were broken. It's only working for 2.1.3 and higher. Just install Widgetkit again (without deinstalling).
  • ironcloud


    | Profile |
    Well Done !!
  • giulio.maria.cappellano


    | Profile |
    A working map with pointer location like the old version will be great!
  • alex.machairas


    | Profile |
    Seems very nice :)
    Thank you Yoo-Team!
  • martyn


    | Profile |
    How did you updated guys? I don't have an update message in the global extension update.
    Did you just downloaded v2.5 and overrode v2?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      1-click updates are only working for 2.1.3 and higher. Just install Widgetkit again (without deinstalling).
  • paulgreene


    | Profile |
    I heard somewhere you are coming up with an updated widgetkit so I will wait for the new sites I have to design. Any news for 2016 on Zoo?
    Miss the fact of choosing a folder for the gallery to happen automatically. Great job on everything!!! Thank you.
  • al.cube


    | Profile |
    Just purchased Widgetkit recently. Cannot find Random effect on Slideset and Slideshow. Am I missing something?
  • lukasspy


    | Profile |
    Widgetkit is really great and getting better each update! But I have a question on kind of a wishlist for the next versions .. couldn't find anything on the support center *blind me*. Nontheless: 2 small wishes...
    1. If custom content is used: I think there should be a possibility to hide and not only delete single content-parts within one widget.
    2. I think of a dynamic blog of news articles with unlimited amount of articles shown by the grid widget. And then choose between the option of "infinite scroll" or pagination (with number of articles per page). Why: I really like the tag-filter in such a scenario :-)
    Hope to get an answer ... :-) .. Danke .. und bis denne ...
  • christian65


    | Profile |
    widgetkit loads items from admin folder. the Supoport-Team ignore the Alert.

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