Recap 2017 – Check out last year's projects and highlights

Recap 2017 – Check out last year's projects and highlights

Welcome to 2018 YOO family! Following our tradition we would like to make a small recap of everything that has happened and what we achieved last year. 2017 was all about rewriting UIkit and improving our new website builder YOOtheme Pro. We are very grateful for yet another successful year!

YOOtheme Pro

2017 was the year of YOOtheme Pro. Its release marked a huge step for us in the evolution of creating themes. We merged the process of building themes into a single product: A powerful theme and page builder which comes with monthly feature and content updates. In the last 15 months, we published 11 feature- and 13 content releases for YOOtheme Pro. They included some big milestones like a layout library with over 115 versatile layouts, a style library with over 85 beautiful styles, a builder module to use the builder anywhere on your site, a huge element library with 31 ready-to-use elements and much more. With YOOtheme Pro all these features, layouts, styles and elements can be accessed with 1-click. Time-consuming updates are a thing of the past now.

Nevertheless, YOOtheme Pro is still far away from being feature-complete. There is so much we want to accomplish in 2018, and we are already thrilled about the features which are to come to YOOtheme Pro this year. Be excited! We also want to thank our amazing community! While some were skeptical at the beginning, the adoption rate of YOOtheme Pro is really impressive. That is why we are so grateful to all our loyal customers who supported us through all the changes.

UIkit 3

We first started working on UIkit 3 two years ago, and in 2017 we focused on completing UIkit component-wise. Altogether we published 40(!) UIkit releases. That’s 3 releases every month! Some of the newest components are the Slideshow, Slider, Lightbox Gallery and Parallax, among many others. Due to the completely rewritten JavaScript, the components are much lighter, faster and more flexible than ever before. We also removed the jQuery dependency, so now UIkit works on its own, and you no longer need to load this JavaScript library. This was a huge step for UIkit, but it is not all. We are already working on making UIkit more reactive, which means it will work great out of the box with JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js and React.

UIkit has now over 1.170.000 downloads on Github alone, and we are very proud to maintain such a popular Open Source project. We are very thankful for everyone who’s supporting the active and enthusiastic UIkit community. Thank you!

Talks and Events

2017 we celebrated our 10th anniversary! And you, our customers, celebrated with us by entering our I❤️YOO competition. 10 winners from different parts of the world received free subscriptions. We had so much fun watching your photos. They really made is laugh!

This year we had the amazing opportunity to join JoomlaDay Germany with the whole team again. YOOtheme was a silver sponsor, and two of our colleagues delivered presentations on YOOtheme Pro and UIkit 3.

Another great event this year was a Vue.js meetup that we hosted in our office in Hamburg. Over 40 guests enjoyed the talks along with some snacks and drinks. It was a great evening that brought many minds together.

Our themes in 2017

Our themes in 2017

What can be expected this year?

In the last three months we have been working on different projects simultaneously. Now it's time to lift the veil on our upcoming projects.

First of all, we are working on the relaunch of the website. It’s the third time in the history of YOOtheme. It will come with a completely rewritten and really comprehensive documentation for YOOtheme Pro, which will explain all the developer features including how to extend and customize YOOtheme Pro to build your own theme. The relaunch is planned for the end of the 1. quarter in 2018.

We are also working on a whole bunch of features for YOOtheme Pro. This as well as the release of the Stable UIkit 3 version will be our focus in the 2. quarter of the year. Later on we will start on integrating Widgetkit and ZOO with YOOtheme Pro and UIkit 3. Next for Pagekit would be upgrading Vue.js and UIkit to the latest versions.

Did you know YOOtheme is hiring? We are looking for full-time frontend developers and support engineers to join our team in Hamburg. If you would like to become one of us, send us your application. It would be great to welcome you to our YOOtheme family!

2017 was a great year for YOOtheme, which it could not have been without your understanding and appreciation. Thank you for supporting us all the way through it! We hope you will have an exciting and successful year!

Your YOOtheme Team


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