Nioh Studio Theme for YOOtheme Pro

Winter is finally over, so it's time to get in shape with our new theme for YOOtheme Pro: Nioh Studio. Our April release is all about sports, health and wellness. With its 12 layouts, Nioh Studio is one of our most complex themes so far. These combined with 6 different styles make Nioh Studio the perfect base for your sports or health related website. Want to know more? Let’s go into the details.

Nioh Studio Style

This month’s theme has a clean and light but vibrant style with rich colors, bold typography, borders and prominent details. Headlines with different colors as well as a brushstroke x throughout the pages accentuate the corporate design of our fictional studio. At the same time, subtle parallax effects in the background and vertical section titles give the website a more dynamic look and feel.


Style Variations

Nioh Studio comes with 6 different styles, perfectly fitted for the sports and health topic, 5 of which have white backgrounds with bright colors that stress the details. But we also provide a style with a black background. Just choose what suits you best.

Heading Line Improvement

The heading line style has got a nice design upgrade in the current theme. You can now align the line to the top or bottom of the heading. This creates a very nice effect and gives the headline a fresh design.

Heading Line Improvement

Brushstroke and Pattern

For Nioh Studio we have created a custom brushstroke x that draws the attention of your visitors to specific sections inside each page. The image has the same vibrant color throughout the layouts, which establishes a very homogeneous look for the whole website. We also created a subtle custom pattern to add some extra texture to particular pages. Switching the styles the brushstroke and pattern also change. Explore them all in our theme demo.

Button Style

Layouts & Topic

Nioh Studio is an all-in-one fitness center website with 12 different layouts. The Home page briefly introduces the studio and its main services, while the About page focuses on the benefits you get as a member. The Gym Facilities page is dedicated to the studio’s premises and the activities you can do there. The Restaurant page presents different menus of healthy meals that are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. News or the blog page should not be missing from the website as well. A Slider element in the Classes page presents available courses in addition to schedules for the whole week. A separate page provides details for the Yoga class. The health topic is also covered with a Therapy page as an overview and the Physiotherapy page as a more detailed service page, which integrates a Popover element. The Trainers page is an essential for every fitness studio to introduce its team members. We also added the Nioh Ramirez page, a detailed page to introduce a personal trainer. Naturally, every studio should have a Pricing and a Contact page. So as you can see, Nioh Studio has everything you need to create a sports or health themed website.

Free Quality Stock Images

Nioh Studio also comes with 77 lovingly curated and free-to-use images. Take a look at some of them below:

77 lovingly curated and free-to-use images

YOOtheme Pro Updates

This minor YOOtheme Pro release also comes with a few new settings for the Table element. There is a new Large option for the table’s Size setting to increase the padding of table cells. Additionally, you can now justify the alignment of all buttons. Just check the new Expand width to table cell option in the button settings. This is great if the buttons have different content, since you can guarantee that they have the same width no matter what content they have.

YOOtheme Pro Updates

What’s next?

This is our last release before the huge relaunch of the website, which is now scheduled for late April. It will come with a completely rewritten, comprehensive documentation for YOOtheme Pro. This will explain all the developer features including how to extend and customize YOOtheme Pro to build your own theme. After the relaunch we will focus on YOOtheme Pro 1.12, which will come in May. It will be followed by a big feature update in June. The next theme release, including new layouts and styles, is planned for July.

In the meantime, say farewell to our current website – a relic from the age before responsive web design. It served us well!

So, enjoy creating your next website with YOOtheme Pro and Nioh Studio and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • 6 beautiful styles
  • 12 page layouts
  • Perfect for fitness, sports, health or wellness websites
  • Business topic
  • 77 lovingly curated and free-to-use images
  • All these features are available in YOOtheme Pro


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