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Vision Website for YOOtheme Pro

Hey YOOtheme Pro fans, it's time for a new theme in the new year! Here is our Vision, a modern design agency theme for WordPress and Joomla. It has a clear, straightforward look where the details play the main role. Vision not only has a great design, it also incorporates all the amazing features of YOOtheme Pro 1.11 with the highlight – the new Slider.

Vision Style

Vision has a simplistic and modern style. It is presented with minimal gradients, clear typography and background patterns. A subtle parallax effect that is used in multiple sections creates a dynamic look and accentuates the details. Classic colors – black, white and red – together with the interactive elements such as a new button style make it a perfect theme for design, marketing and media agencies or other related businesses. Vision also incorporates the Grid, the Gallery, the Description List and other YOOtheme Pro elements.


Style Variations

Vision comes with 6 different styles. It ranges from creative and striking to professional and conservative. Explore them all and choose the one that suits you best.

Slider Element

The highlight of our new theme is the brand-new Slider element. Smooth animations, infinite scrolling and center mode make it a perfect choice for case studies and presentations. Read more about the Slider in our blog post about the latest YOOtheme Pro 1.11 release.

Button Style

The Button element was modernized in this theme as well. Subtle gradients create a flickering effect on hover which makes your website more dynamic.

Layouts & Topic

Vision comes with 7 different layouts. It has all you need to present your next project with Services, Showcase and Case Study pages.

Free Quality Stock Photos

Our new theme includes 48+ lovingly curated and free images. Take a peak at what expects you in the demo package this month:

48 lovingly curated and free-to-use images

Enjoy the new theme and let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Beautiful Vision style
  • 7 page layouts
  • Perfect for design and marketing agency
  • Creative and Business topic
  • 48+ lovingly curated and free-to-use images
  • All these features are available in YOOtheme Pro

Joomla Demo WordPress Demo Try Vision Layouts

By Danny | | Posted in Themes

Comments (21)

  • oguz.copel


    | Profile |
    Nice one.
  • aleksey.kurylev


    | Profile |
    Super! And how did you darken the text at the bottom of the screen under "Services"?
    • danny


      | Profile |
      Hi, we used a subtle parallax animation. You can find it in the element settings at the bottom, just click on "edit settings".
  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    HI all... I've added the VISION Case Study layouts to my YoothemePro for ZOO package over on zoomodsplus.com. It's free! :)

    Get it here: https://www.zoomodsplus.com/yoothemepro-for-zoo
  • ali.magomadov


    | Profile |
    Крутой Шаблон
    Мне понравился
  • clary.pollack


    | Profile |
    I love this theme but can't find the image file for the smoke (yellow option). Thanks!
  • alseenrodelap


    | Profile |
    Very nice, I was waiting for a dark clean Joomla theme like this!

  • floyd.mitchell.25


    | Profile |
    I have installed both the Wordpress VISION demo as well as (and separately) the VISION theme w out demo content on a fresh linux server at stieground and I cannot get certain elements in the Customizer to save.

    Specifically the dotnav section - the small red circles don't change colors despite editing the color code in the customizer and clearing cache etc.

    What's really interesting is it doesn't work here on the actual Yootheme site demo version either.

    SG support has confirmed that this is not a permissions issue, this is not a caching issue, this is not a customization by hand coded CSS issue - this is a development issue with the product and you need to fix it.

    And I have not been able to successfully resolve this after an entire two days of fighting with it, troubleshooting and researching. TONS of comments about the Yootheme customizer not saving across mutiple themes. You guys shouldn't release templates without testing them. I am sick of being your guinea pig.
  • hanna


    | Profile |
    Hi there Floyd,
    I am very sorry that you are having problems with the template. Please create a thread in our Support Forum, and our Support team will take a look at the issue more closely. Concerning the Dotnav, I will notify the team, and they will check it.
  • hubert.mayer


    | Profile |
    Sorry, i like Yootheme,

    but for this, please make Design not only Functionality, like in the Past.
    There is nothing more to say.

    Please come back to this again.

    Thank You
  • niklas.forsberg


    | Profile |
    Nice Theme.. But when will you own ZOO content be supported in the builder.
  • eventoteam


    | Profile |
    so unimportant... functions are more important.

    the reducing of css file and js file is so much important, too big files, deadly for the seo part.

    it must be possible to enable and disable "code parts" to build a lightweight code, must not be visible for the user, just think about!
  • nathan.cowley.31


    | Profile |
    Dope :)

    You cats are awsome!
  • maxip4


    | Profile |
    Any news about March "news"?
  • jan.ottar.olufsen.80


    | Profile |
    I had a resistance to teaching me Yootheme Pro. I had the finally learned Warp 7 and liked it very much. The idea of starting all over again scared me from trying the new system.

    Well, I have finally taken on the task and conclude that I love Yootheme Pro. It was much easier to learn than I feared in advance. Thank you!
    • hanna


      | Profile |
      You are most welcome. We are glad you like it!

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