New Videos, Experts, Extensions and Hosting Pages

Our YOOtheme website got updated! Today we are excited to present a couple of new pages which are listed under the Support page. We added the Videos page with all YOOtheme Pro videos and recommendation pages for YOOtheme experts, third-party extensions and hosting. Let's go into detail.

Videos Page

On our new Videos page is an overview of all YOOtheme Pro videos we've created. There is a section for all our featured videos from our YouTube Channel to help you stay up to date on what's new in YOOtheme Pro. And we put together all our instructional videos from our YOOtheme Pro documentation in one place. This is great to study YOOtheme Pro and all its possibilities visually. Enjoy binge-watching all our videos!

Extensions Page

Finally, we've created a dedicated page for third-party extensions created by our developer community. For a long time we wanted to have a place where we can share their work and promote their extensions. So if you are looking to extend YOOtheme Pro or ZOO with new functionalities, go ahead and check out our Extensions page.

Is your extension missing on this page? Please get in touch and send us an email.

Experts Page

We are often asked if we can recommend any agency or freelancer specialized in building websites with YOOtheme. That's why we've created a dedicated Experts page where you can search a list of experienced, independent YOOtheme experts for hire from across the globe. There is a small slideshow showcasing their work, information about the minimum project budget and the hourly rate as well as a link to the website and of course a Contact button. You can also filter them by country and pricing.

Are you building websites with YOOtheme and provide custom services? Get your company listed among other YOOtheme experts. It's an excellent recommendation and a great opportunity to find new clients. Just send us an email and get more details.


We also have a small list of recommendations for trusted Hosting providers on the new Hosting page. So make sure to check it out if you are looking for a host for your YOOtheme website.

We hope you enjoy the new pages. Please let us know if there is anything missing or if you have any other suggestions on how we can improve our website. At the moment, the Extensions and Experts pages only contain a few first listings. We expect that the number of experts will grow in the coming weeks. Don't miss the opportunity to get your company listed! Now go ahead and explore our new pages yourself. As always, we're eagerly waiting for your feedback in the comments below!


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