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For Beauty & Fashion Websites

Balou is perfect for an E-commerce shop where you can showcase your products such as clothes, toys and accessories as well as other services. It's built with the YOOtheme Pro page builder.



This YOOtheme Pro theme package for Joomla comes with 10 ready-to-use page layouts to get you started in no time. Each layout is well-thought-out and is perfect for Beauty & Fashion websites.

Balou Joomla Template Home Layout


Balou Joomla Template Index Layout


Balou Joomla Template Index Layout


Balou Joomla Template Post Custom Layout

Post Custom

Balou Joomla Template Services Layout


Balou Joomla Template About Layout


Balou Joomla Template FAQ Layout


Balou Joomla Template Contact Layout


Balou Joomla Template Index Layout


Balou Joomla Template Post Layout




This YOOtheme Pro theme package for Joomla comes with 6 diverse and fully customizable style variations that can be changed with a single click. Switch between them to find the style that suits your Joomla website best!

Balou Joomla Template Default Style


Balou Joomla Template White Grey Style

White Grey

Balou Joomla Template White Turquoise Style

White Turquoise

Balou Joomla Template White Pink Style

White Pink

Balou Joomla Template White Beige Style

White Beige

Balou Joomla Template White Orange Style

White Orange


Lovingly Curated

In addition to styles and layouts, you get a huge collection of high-quality and free-to-use images. After a comprehensive research we have hand-picked 59 images for this topic to make your website stand out! All images can also be found in the Balou collection in the Unsplash library.

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Demo Website

The Balou demo website is available as a full Joomla installation including YOOtheme Pro and the demo content. It's the perfect starter kit for your next Joomla website and to learn how everything is put together.

  • Plugin Integration

    This Joomla demo package makes additional use of 3rd party plugins. They are free and already preinstalled and configured in the demo package. Here is the list of all plugins.

    Name Description Documentation
    Articles Field Add a field for related articles View
  • Product Fields

    Products are grouped into different clothing types. The Product content type has 16 custom fields. This includes teaser fields of the product, product images, description, delivery information and more.

    Product Field Type Description
    Intro Image Landscape media Alternative intro image used on the index page
    Intro Image Landscape Hover media Alternative intro image used on hover on the index page
    Teaser Image BG Square media Alternative image used on the home page
    Teaser Image BG Square Text Color list Background image text color
    Teaser Image BG Landscape media Alternative image used on the home page
    Teaser Image BG Landscape Text Color list Background image text color
    Images subform A list of product images with image and image alt text fields
    Price text Product price
    Description editor Product description
    Size & Fit editor Product size and fit information
    Delivery editor Product delivery information
    Fabric text Product fabric
    Color text Product color
    Size text Product size
    Shop Link url A link to the product's shop
    FAQ subform A list of frequently asked questions
  • Post Fields

    The default Post has 2 custom fields to show an excerpt and related products.

    Post Field Type Description
    Excerpt textarea Post excerpt
    Related Products articles A list of related products

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