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Drive Theme

December 2012 YOOtheme club theme

Drive Theme

Check out "Drive" our new theme release for December 2012! Its radiant and colorful design combined with sophisticated background textures works for any kind of desktop or mobile app, gaming or product website. Further, to present your content we added two new styles for the Widgetkit slideshow and slideset, which perfectly blend in with the overall theme style. It also includes smooth CSS animations to add subtle effects when hovering the menus and buttons.

All in all this theme comes with 8 predefined styles as well as 17 background textures, 13 font types and 3 module styles to be combined with 4 badges and 6 icons to create the perfect look for your website. You can use this theme with Joomla or WordPress and it is based on the Warp6 theme framework which uses modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and features a fully responsive layout to make it look great on desktops, tablets and phones.

  • Available for Joomla and WordPress
  • Responsive theme, optimized for touch devices
  • 8 style variations available
  • 17 background variations available
  • 3 module styles combinable with 4 badges and 6 icons
  • Widgetkit Slideshow Tabs and Slideset bonus styles
  • Flexible theme and column widths
  • All Warp framework features are available

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By Steffan | | Posted in Themes

Comments (36)

  • daniel.beauregard.61


    | Profile |
    Wow, beautiful theme guys, really. Well done on this one.

    Question though, what's with the extra login features on the home page? The: Hello John Doe | Account | Log out and you have 2 new messages.

    Possibly a new login widgetkit coming??? Please, say yes, please!
    • steffan


      | Profile |
      Im sorry, it's just part of our demo.
      • daniel.beauregard.61


        | Profile |
        Damn... got really excited for a second there.

        Thanks for answering though.

        One can dream.
  • s.kleyn


    | Profile |
    Another mature and very versatile template by the Yootheme team. Thank you for delivering month after month. Your dedication makes it possible for web developers around the world to amaze their clients every time. Appreciated.

    Stefan Kleyn
  • maxita


    | Profile |
    Really amazing template! Congrats!In your opinion with a custom White or clear wallpaper it works?

    Thanks for your job, well done!
  • thomas.blixt


    | Profile |
    Fantastic theme. Great work!
  • ray.lawlor


    | Profile |
    I love the new WidgetKit style!!!

    It's top-notch!

  • damir


    | Profile |
    Great Theme, like the menu and slideshow tabs.
  • babette.becher


    | Profile |
    Why only dark?
    • tobypsl


      | Profile |
      Because most of the typography and module styling is designed for dark?

      I think it's a great template, I'm a fan of dark. I was waiting for a newer alternative to the dark Quantum theme and here it is.
    • ray.lawlor


      | Profile |
      Funny... When last months theme came out, people asked... "Why white?"... You can't win with everybody! :)
      • babette.becher


        | Profile |
        Yes funny, for other template clubs it is possible to have light and dark style in one template.
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      We have done this in the past, too. And we will do if we feel that a white version fits great to the template style. But we have learned that some designs work best using a dark color scheme while a light color scheme would always feel limited (and vice versa).
      • callum.faulds


        | Profile |
        + 1 for white theme.

        Firstly, this template is why I subscribe to Yootheme. Amazing work.

        I don't see why you wouldn't add a white theme and how it would 'feel limited'?

        Please consider adding a white theme as that would make this template perfect for me and I'm sure I'm not the only one!
  • mrmarkos


    | Profile |
    I have a suggestion for the next template. It would be fun to see refreshed Pinboard ;) → http://www.yootheme.com/demo/themes/joomla/2009/pinboard/
  • dr6sigma


    | Profile |
    Looks great YOOtheme! Nice mix of dark colors, configuration and shading!

  • joomgirl


    | Profile |
    OMG, and then again!!!! The most creative design I have seen to date from Yootheme. EXCELLENT JOB TEAM!! This is what we have been waiting for!

    Such detail and the design with the graphics is superb! Yootheme needs to keep their creativeness and this is what it should be about!

    I give this one a A +++
  • ezat.bajbouj


    | Profile |
    Good Job
    Thank you
  • howard.campbell


    | Profile |
    Rock-n-roll design, one of the best so far.
  • zach


    | Profile |
    Great job guys/gals - really lovin this one!
  • george.anderson


    | Profile |
    I'm afraid I don't like this one.
  • william.barnes


    | Profile |
    Any chance in a Joomla 3.0 Demo Package?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      If you have installed the Joomla 2.5 demo package you can easily use the 1 click updated provided by Joomla and update to 3.0. After that just install the template and Widgetkit for 3.0. That's it! We will create a tutorial for this.
  • stevebab


    | Profile |
    Ok, this is very good. Thanks YooTeam. After last month, I was thinking you would do something a little more edgy. Great work!
  • aksel


    | Profile |
    Absolutely love it! :)

    Already utilizing it in one of our clients new sites :D
  • webintec


    | Profile |
    This gonna be the template for my new proyect.
  • yeahzan


    | Profile |
    awesome theme!!
    I like this style so much!!
    good job^^
  • blunoa


    | Profile |
    Nice template as usual
  • albert.odriguez


    | Profile |
    Any chance we'l ever get a simple, minimal theme? Would love to see an updated version of "Inspire."
  • marcus.palmer


    | Profile |
    This is what we been looking for.. Brilliant
  • jose.maria.zayas


    | Profile |
    Hi good morning! great job guys with this template. I wanted to ask a question: do you know of any component to put the newsletter on the web as you have in the template DRIVE? "Subscribe our newsletter"

    Thanks from Spain
  • pete.hancock


    | Profile |
    I just put this up, still working on it, but all i can say is great theme, i use other theme frameworks and i have to say the mobile version on this is nice, except for the search bar in the logo area, this may be because my logo size but other than that alls well. Thanks
  • eliezervanner


    | Profile |
    The Vanner Agency wishes a Happy New Year to all YOOtheme team, all the YOOtheme assinates friends and all friends of this great community.
  • robert.ellis.geiger


    | Profile |
    I can't seem to hide the Title of an article
  • ehsan.akbari


    | Profile |
    Great work guys, I'm still looking for the module position map.
    Where can it be found? Thanks

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