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Widgetkit Gets Responsive

Now adapts perfectly for all device resolutions!

Widgetkit Gets Responsive

Tada! Today we are really proud to announce the first major Widgetkit release since we introduced it back in January. Widgetkit has improved constantly over the last 6 months, but lately we have worked hard on a really important new feature: A completely responsive design for Widgetkit. All widgets including all the fancy effects are now adapting perfectly for all different device resolutions. This goes along with our upcoming Warp 6.2 release which also features a completely responsive design. But besides bugfixes we added nice little features to Widgetkit 1.1.

Responsive Design

All widgets are now responsive! In the first place this is true for all the fancy transition effects like the fold, puzzle or KenBurns effect of the Gallery and Slideshow widget. But also all other widgets like the Slideset, Lightbox and Media Player adapt perfectly for smaller screen sizes. That way, the new Widgetkit is usable for all devices and is also future-proof.

To accomplish this goal, Widgetkit always checks each widget's dimensions against its parent dom element dimensions. If a widget size is bigger than its parent element, Widgetkit automatically adapts the size of that widget. Besides the common resize techniques we also utilize new CSS3 features like transform to make all widgets look nice on any device.

Gallery Image Uploads

We added another cool new feature: Now Widgetkit has its own option to upload images to the Gallery widget. Just drag and drop images from your desktop to the Widgetkit UI and they will be uploaded to your server. We know there are still features missing like managing folders, etc. but this is our first step to improve the image management.


And last but not least we now support the JCK Editor and Codemirror in the Widgetkit administration of Joomla. Thanks to the JCK Editor team for making this possible!

We will have a demo of the responsive Widgetkit online next week together with the Warp 6.2 theme release. But don't hesitate to download Widgetkit now and take it for a test drive! We are excited to hear your feedback!

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By Sascha | | Posted in Widgetkit

Comments (40)

  • tiago.bahi


    | Profile |
    So very nice!!!
  • joel


    | Profile |
    absolutely phenomenal! Great work guys!!
  • greenparrot


    | Profile |
    more good news, thanks :D

    If you bootstrapped Zoo & Widget UI it would be even better ;)

  • michael.anlauf


    | Profile |
    Well thats nice.. and i just asked about it some days before. Thanks a lot!

    Saludos, Michael
  • moloseb


    | Profile |
    great lookinf forward for the demo
  • bigjens


    | Profile |
    I assume this works on older (pre Warp 6.2) templates as well?
    • sascha


      | Profile |
      Sure, this works in any theme. Even 3rd party themes... As written in the article: "If the widget size is bigger than its parent element, Widgetkit automatically adapts the size of that widget" regardless in which theme it is used.
      • bigjens


        | Profile |
        Nice! Thanks for the clarification.
  • damir


    | Profile |
    Great job!
  • hubert.cole


    | Profile |
    upload from the gallery pages in widgetkit solves a ton of workarounds. Hope you trickle that idea over to ZOO. Great work incidentally.
  • solox


    | Profile |
    ^ agreed. ZOO needs a response as well. :)
    Not sure if its in the works or not, but I can imagine a wonderful day in July when a theme, zoo and widgetkit are all in responsive harmony!
  • george.anderson


    | Profile |
    Fantastic news. Well done Yootheme!!!
  • pablo


    | Profile |
    yes, yes, yes!!! Works nice! Big THX!
  • alpinevp


    | Profile |
    Absolutely YOOlicious!
  • viktor.horst


    | Profile |
  • antonio.colella


    | Profile |
    gud guys!
  • omar.cornelio.26


    | Profile |
    i would like to see,... this tools accepting flash files... can be nice... but... is really nice to ear about new features...
  • schmallegger


    | Profile |
    could it be that currently the "Drop File" funktion does not work? (it does not show in IE 9 for me, and does not work in Firefox 13.0)
    • schmallegger


      | Profile |
      by the way.. it works with Google-Chrome on the same system :)
      would be nice to be able to delete single images dropped into the box!
    • artur


      | Profile |
      it should work with IE >=10, IE < 10 doesn't support the new xhr object.
      • schmallegger


        | Profile |
        Ok.. IE 10 is not an option right now.. how about Firefox?
  • brunomiranda


    | Profile |
  • dolander


    | Profile |
    to upgrade is sufficient to re-install the widgetkit?
  • ivo.schmid


    | Profile |
    amazing! thanks YOOtheme!
  • nepol


    | Profile |
    And JUST yesterday I was complaining when I was building a website that included Widgekit, wondering why wouldn't you do this.

    Think again Marco, YOOTheme is great!
  • darren.bardsley


    | Profile |
    Theo's a pro photographer, the gallery uploaded will save me so much time not having to FTP and set up new folders all the time. Well done!
    • wirecreative


      | Profile |
      [quote]Theo's a pro photographer, the gallery uploaded will save me so much time not having to FTP and set up new folders all the time. Well done![\quote]

      It looks like you still need to set-up the new folders via FTP (unless I'm missing something). I just updated and created a new gallery. You need to choose a folder for your gallery before you can drop in new photos.
      • chris.johnson.24


        | Profile |
        I'm seeing this too in Wordpress, is there anyway to get around it?
  • ben.allan


    | Profile |
    Great work guys!! Its great to see some serious development happening at the moment! ;)
  • sebt


    | Profile |
    Great news... But I wonder if all the issues with the media player have been fixed? This part of WK is fairly unusable at the moment since it's a 50-50 whether it'll work on a particular machine's browser and plugin combo.
    • schmallegger


      | Profile |
      finally i got somebody here saying the same as I do :) I also love the idea - but currently its nothing to work with!
      The upload really needs do work on more browsers and include:

      - managing folders
      - delete pictures
  • david.skelton


    | Profile |
    excellent! +1 for Bootstrap WP
  • roman.makarov


    | Profile |
    Great news!
    YOOtheme you rock!!
    It has long been waiting for this.
    Thank you for the excellent work.
  • juan.antonio.ponce.alonso


    | Profile |
    Fantastic, its very neccesary
  • infinart


    | Profile |
    Right on! Looking forward to seeing it in action. :)
  • mac.worasi


    | Profile |
    Adaptive... A sigh of relief !!
  • alpay.beler


    | Profile |
    It is great news that it is going to work on mobile devices.

    Keep up the good work.
  • steven.weijdt


    | Profile |
    Image management should be extended to file management and folder management. This would be a great feature. If ZOO has this, you won't need the media manager that comes with Joomla anymore! :D
  • varioke


    | Profile |
    Great news!

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