ZOO gets responsive – All Apps work great on mobile devices

  • Jan
  • ZOO

Please welcome ZOO 2.6 with fully responsive apps. This update accompanies our latest efforts for Warp and Widgetkit to bring all our products to your mobile devices. With the new responsive design it is a breeze to present your products, movies and other ZOO items on any device resolution.

For all you developers out there, you'll be pleased to note, that ZOO includes our previously covered onMediaQuery event now too. Take a look at this Nano2 page, resize your browser window and see the responsive ZOO in action

We have also given our ZOO demo packages a nice face lift. They come with our Master theme and with the Widgetkit preinstalled. Check out just how well our products integrate.

What's next?

Since its initial release ZOO has improved constantly and will continue to do so. With the upcoming ZOO 2.7 we'll drop Joomla 1.5 support, in favor of Joomla 3.0 support. This step will make it possible to remove quite a bit of deprecated code, which will result in a much cleaner code base.


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