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ZOO Gets Responsive

All Apps work great on mobile devices

ZOO Gets Responsive

Please welcome ZOO 2.6 with fully responsive apps. This update accompanies our latest efforts for Warp and Widgetkit to bring all our products to your mobile devices. With the new responsive design it is a breeze to present your products, movies and other ZOO items on any device resolution.

For all you developers out there, you'll be pleased to note, that ZOO includes our previously covered onMediaQuery event now too. Take a look at this Nano2 page, resize your browser window and see the responsive ZOO in action

We have also given our ZOO demo packages a nice face lift. They come with our Master theme and with the Widgetkit preinstalled. Check out just how well our products integrate.

What's next?

Since its initial release ZOO has improved constantly and will continue to do so. With the upcoming ZOO 2.7 we'll drop Joomla 1.5 support, in favor of Joomla 3.0 support. This step will make it possible to remove quite a bit of deprecated code, which will result in a much cleaner code base.

By Jan | | Posted in ZOO

Comments (38)

  • bslindgreen


    | Profile |
    Thank you!!

    It looks great. For the first time it looks good on an iPad.
  • dimitri.kambas


    | Profile |
    FInally! Great job!
  • kyle.faber


    | Profile |
    Great news Yooguys & Yoogirls! Keeps getting better and better.

    Now, we just need to start seeing Joomla! ACL adoption (ACL for all app, categories and items based on the native ACL system), and better URL handling (aka - do not force the "item" in the URL. While it's not SEO un-friendly, it does not meet the needs of our business, or our clients).

    Keep up the great work - looking forward to 3.0!!!
  • river


    | Profile |
    Will the Warp 6 templates also be responsive ? By this I mean Balance and downtown ?
    • greg.van


      | Profile |
      No they will not...

      "Warp 6.2 Backward Compatibility

      All older Warp 6 based themes can be updated to Warp 6.2. But they'll still continue to use the mobile theme and not the new responsive features. If you want to make your theme responsive you need to take a look at the Nano2 theme, see how this is accomplished and make your own modifications."

  • alexis.marks


    | Profile |
    +1 for ACL Integration

    +1 for SEF links
  • daniel.clements


    | Profile |
    This is good news. However, I am left scratching my head wondering why the Zoo Blog app is still missing a fundamental core feature: Prev and Next links.
  • morgan.gustafsson


    | Profile |
    Ahhh, yes, the less I need to do myself the better it it's. Great work Yootheme, as always. :-)
  • alessandro.castagna


    | Profile |
    when the shopping cart?
  • waitz


    | Profile |
    Oh oh, big changes to the app files..?
    • jan


      | Profile |
      The changes were mostly done in CSS, you shouldn't have any trouble updating your custom apps.
  • joel.shapcott


    | Profile |
    I have subscribed 2 times now (I still don't know why i subscribed the second time because there was no new apps) If i subscribe again, what are the chances of new apps being created on a monthly basis?
  • ralharithi


    | Profile |
    This is great news, congrats!

    Are you going to be implementing any improvements related to the Zoo template system to have some Warp support in other applications other than the Blog?
  • davide.persiani


    | Profile |
    Is there a fast way to update the zoo app or do I have to re-install the whole package? Thanks in advance ;)
  • digijim


    | Profile |
    This makes Zoo the #1 "out of the box" way of extending Joomla... Great News!
  • seiaone


    | Profile |
  • adso.de.melk


    | Profile |
    Thank you... An efficient support, some nice udpates ! Just perfect... You rock, Zoo buddies !
  • ali.alimardani


    | Profile |
    Great .........
  • exoduser


    | Profile |
    Great news, thanks for the improvement.
  • peter.73


    | Profile |
    How about Zoo for Wordpress? Will that ever happen?
  • juergen.duttlinger


    | Profile |
    Nice, but without ACL Integration (ACL for all app, categories and items based on the native ACL system) only half way to the top..
  • jules.kozak


    | Profile |
    Great work, hope a new feature in ZOO wil be a element that shows the count of comments on an item AND the next - previous links on blog items.

    But seriously, nice work on the responsive feature Yootheme! :)
  • paulgreene


    | Profile |
    Bravo Yootheme! Fantastic news, looking forward to upgrade all Zoo sites. Keep up the good work. You make us look good!
  • robert.b.escott


    | Profile |
    Excellent work guys I have been waiting a long time for this and it looks great! This really is a game changer. (posted this comment in widgetkit, which is also fantabulous but meant it for ZOO!)
  • renejdm


    | Profile |

    It is a good step forward. Unfortunately, some of the apps of not fully responsive. For example, take a look at the documentation app on a data mobile. It needs more work...

    I am sure you guys will continue to improve the responsiveness.

  • modusvm


    | Profile |
    Hey there,

    how can I update the ZOO component? When updating will I loose all my CSS-configurations in the apps?

    Thanks for your support.
  • chantal


    | Profile |
    Super :-)
    I'm very happy with this :-)
  • donnalee


    | Profile |
  • daniel.clements


    | Profile |
    I looked at the Product Catalog demo with Nano and screen size set to smartphone.

    Once the screen size is narrowed to the point that the menu is replaced with the drop-down, the breadcrumbs disappear. This leaves a smartphone user with no navigation: No way to go back to main screen once in a category, no way to go to other categories.

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